Love or lies Part 3

All things considered despite some of the cultural problems getting married to a woman from the Philippines the pluses still outweigh the negatives if indeed you are truly a good match and the relationship is not one driven by money. The key here is identifying the cause that is having the negative effect on the relationship and pull it’s plug.

But this is not as dark as it looks. The Filipina wife was being manipulated by the family, and in every case they knew how to push her buttons not really caring a lot about the damage to her marriage it would cause. She was only seen as a conduit to cash. So to salvage the relationship the husband had to put the breaks on the cash flow one way or another. Often when her family balked, it allowed her to see how she was being used and caused a change of the tide thus saving the marriage. Particularly so when the buying power of the money sent was equal to several thousand US dollars.

There are a few down sides to getting married to a Philippine woman, and it does not have much to do with love, but more with being tolerant. It would seem despite all the love and caring they offer, if her husband has not yet mastered her language he is often completely ignored when 2 or more Filipina get together and the entire conversation is in their native tongue. As cooking and eating is a big part of the Philippines social structure, the get together can be all afternoon and extend into the evening leaving him wondering why he is not out doing what he likes to do rather than feeling like a toss pillow.

Shifting gears to look at Thailand and what it has to offer, there is one significant difference between the two. Women from the Philippines are just as poor as many women from Thailand. Both countries have been ravaged by corruption leaving little money to get down to the people. In The Philippines the women dress as you would expect for someone that is poor. Basic jeans and t-shirt look are common in the Philippines. However in Thailand appearance is everything and women simply go out of their way to look good. Clothing and makeup are a significant part of their budget. This visual clue will be helpful when identifying love or lies as we will explain later.

As corruption is so profound in Thailand, money plays a significant role in motivation for the poor. Few will argue that the most beautiful women from Thailand are from the northeast in an area known as Isaan. This is also the poorest part of Thailand and the most susceptible to financial influence. This commodity of beautiful women is not found on any commodity exchange, but does tend to be a significant source of income for the region via love and sex. So the key to being happy is identifying this pitfall and not to fall into the love is blind trap that can be so emotionally and financially devastating.

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