Love or lies Part 4

Falling in love with a Thai woman can be one of the easiest things a man can experience. Between Thai beauty and the total lack of western women’s attitudes, it is like cotton candy melting in your mouth. So as this series continues we will point out how to identify the true gems, and help you avoid headaches.

Talking to a western marriage and relationship counselor at Bangkok Counseling based in of all places Bangkok with extended services in Pattaya, the feedback given says a lot. Roughly 80% of the relationships that fail with women from Isaan are as a result of the Thai wife being torn between love and devotion for her family, and love for her foreign husband. She will be pressured in most cases by her mother to get more money out of her husband even after a dowery has been paid. When the mother looks at her daughter’s husband, all she sees is a walking ATM machine.

This however can be a self inflicted wound based on the foreign husband’s part by flashing money. People who flash money simply say the game is on and other people set about trying to make that flashed money theirs. If that is the case then contacting the above mentioned Bangkok Counseling service may be your best bet to get out of the mess without doing too much damage to the relationship. Relationship counseling is their specialty.

But in all cases avoidance is the best by far, and this requires you to make use of the subtle clues that otherwise may go unnoticed. Depending on what stage your relationship is in with her, will dictate what to look for. The first clue is her on line photos. Take note of where the photos are taken. If they match her described lifestyle or not is the key. If it shows her in different hotel rooms, then this is most certainly a red flag and move on as most likely the photos were taken by the person she just had sex with.

The second photo clue is how is she dressed. If she is dressed conservative or in a University uniform this is a good thing. Girls that dress flashy in nice dresses that clearly are on the expensive side should prompt you to dig further. This additional bit of information is easy to get. All women love to shop as most certainly it is in their DNA some place. So in general there are 2 types of stores. There are stores that sell things that you need, and there are stores that sell things that you want. So ask her where she likes to shop. If she list places like the Emporium, then this is clearly a high end want store.

So by putting 2 and 2 together will tell you if she is high maintenance or not. If she is high maintenance then the next question is how did she get that way. If she says she was raised on a farm in Isaan, then clearly other people’s wallets have been feeding her expensive tastes and your wallet is probably next in Que. This suggests she is more self centered than family centered, and in general that is not a signature of a preferred Thai women.

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