Love or lies Part 5

Up to this point Connecting the Dots has shown you ways to spot problems. But in some cases extra help is needed simply because the information you get is only what she wants to give.

As with any detective work, some clues are easy, and some more difficult to identify. Photos of a girl in places that raise questions is easy to spot if you know what you are looking for. When she divulges her personal taste in Caviar being preferred over Chicken and Rice is also easy. But the girls that are well practiced at the art and clearly use sex to lure countless men into their trap requires more information than you can get from a distance.

In general you need feet and eyes on the ground as well as a good understanding of how things work in Thailand. Tourists and other short time visitors do not have the time to absorb what is needed. For that you need to live in Thailand for at least 3 years to get a good feel of what to look for.

The more experienced girls who make use of the Internet dating sites as a source of revenue work hard at keeping that secret. So to identify that most certainly requires the service of a good investigation service that is geared to finding ladies who lie to get money. Often these ladies are in one way or the other involved in the naughty nightlife Thailand is known for. One such service that focuses on that particular group is found here and is highly recommended as one of the best.

As the Internet dating sites see this problem as chronic and not isolated, they have gone out of their way to place significant warnings not to send money to people you have not met. However if sex is used as a lure, as blood rushes from the brain to fill other parts of the body that have suddenly become swollen, stupidity sets in.

Of late there has been a rash of women doing this as a result of the economy. Looking for a man for financial support over love is just a relationship of convenience and not of love. This is not to say it will not work as love could come later, but it is a risk. Each person must weigh their own reasons for getting into a relationship like this. This for the most part is not a hard core group and not as professional as the hard core group. So clues are easier to find with this group.

One clear key that should make you suspect a girl may be on the game is the time she goes online. If it is between 2:00am and 4:00am Thailand time and she is in a major population center, take note. That is the time the bars close and the girls go home. So stopping at an Internet café to chat with their sponsors that are 12 time zones away sets at the very least a yellow flag. Also if the Internet café she uses is some place between her apartment and nightlife areas should also make you sit up and take notice.

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