Love or lies Part 6

So as you have seen a throughout this series love can be real or love can be an act to get money. But the Thai woman also need to be wary and frequently get a taste of the dark side as well.

Flipping the coin Thai women get a bad taste too. Because until a man has been in Thailand, the perception that all Thai women are there for sexual pleasure is often a myth tied to a sexual fantasy. This is particularly so to sexually deprived men. And thanks to the modern technology of the web cam, some girls get an eyeful of some guy at the self service pump. So with that type of overt sexual behavior some Thai women get the wrong perception particularly if that display is ending up in an Internet café with a gathering audience on the side lines.

So now fully charged with the thought that some guys are just looking for sex and not love, it only makes sense to see if some money can be made on that game. So if the Thai women senses you are not looking for genuine love, you have just invited problems. So in general it becomes wise to avoid the sex topic, as the girls that are players will likely be the first to bring it up.

On the same note any mention of money by either side is at least a yellow flag. Once again the many reminders of dating websites about sending money to a person you never met comes into play. Sending money could easily start a chain of events into motion where the man is either branded a fool or walking ATM with later withdrawals available on request. This falls under the listing of first impressions.

So in summary when looking for true love, it is best to be honest. And in the sense of money simply inform her you are suffering the same as many during the 2009 global economic crisis, and your funds are limited. If her interest in you fades when she hears that, consider it a gift and move on to find another who is not driven by money.

If you are unsure yet unable to get the information about the girl whether you have met her or not, we strongly suggest this investigation service as it is their focus. They will be able to uncover lies and deceptions fairly easily.

If you are already involved and living in or around Bangkok and are looking for ways to cut or limit the cash flow without damaging the relationship we once again suggest you contact Bangkok Counseling as they can help you bridge the cultural and social gap with minimal damage. Note there are several with similar names so follow the link to get to the right one. They are fully legitimate and have all the proper Thai credentials to practice in Thailand.

There are plenty of good Thai and Filipina women out there, so we are hopeful you can connect with the right one for the right reasons. After all there is no reason that anyone should be alone in life. Happy hunting.

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