Ex US Guantanamo prisoners back in terrorist game

It is no secret that many more than a few prisoners cut loose from Guantanamo have returned to attacking the US. To be perfectly blunt, many simply will not change and given the chance will attack again with more vigor, and that is why Guantanamo was set up outside of the US Justice system envelope.

Unfortunate as it is when it comes to this bunch , the US justice system simply puts Americans at risk. The blindness of the political correctness and they have rights bunch is in part if not entirely responsible for putting these terrorists back online. In this case the wisdom of setting up a prison outside of the US justice system is very apparent.

To date, trying to rehabilitate or do anything productive with terrorist has come up empty handed no matter what place. So to use failures in a political arena by saying you can do better then them can be a double edge sword as what goes around comes around. So if you lump the Taliban in the same group, Pakistan is on the right track by giving them the chance to meet Allah as it seems to be the only effective method.

But political correctness simply interferes with what needs to be done with the extremists. Political correctness is based on not hurting someone, even if they are out to kill you and everyone you know. In the real world that makes as much sense as teaching a scorpion not to sting or a snake not to bite. It is a waste of time effort and ultimately lives of people who fail to recognize this reality and prefer to live in a politically correct bubble filled with illusions.

So as the US courts get involved, the basis of US law is innocent until proven guilty, but when it comes to suicide missions that have not been carried out that simply says kill us first. The courts have no problem locking people away forever if they show no remorse for a crime, but Guantanamo works on the military principal of a preemptive strike, and the courts do not care or even want to know about that thus turning this group loose. So as far as terrorist are concerned, they are using American weapons against Americans once they get into the US legal system.

Taking a concept seen in nature, anything that is incompatible with the environment that it exists in eventually becomes extinct. Nature has sorted out this well proven process for millions of years and it is completely politically incorrect. Mother nature is just now ramping up for a go at the human race for damaging the planet, and will start to kill us off in increasing numbers with drought and famine brought on by severe wether. So very simply put that is what we need to do with the terrorist being shoot first and ask questions later. They do not care for human life, so why should we.

It simply becomes the responsibility of people to keep a healthy physical distance from people who are suspected terrorists. That is the entire reason why they are in amongst the regular population so they will have human shields.

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