Thailand’s double, double standard

In the political bickering, Thaksin’s Red Shirts seem to have hit on a theme that will give them some traction. That theme is pointing out the double standards in Thailand between Thais. It also opens several cans of worms as it will eventually lead to highlighting the double standard between Thais and non Thais.

Thaksin by far has displayed double standards greater than anyone else. It is a bit ironic and perhaps desperate he selected this topic to drive his political agenda. It was and remains very clear that Thaksin sees himself above the law and does himself spew that fact. Everyone else must submit to the law in the eyes of Thaksin.

It was also apparent when Thaksin was Prime Minister. He would reward the people who supported him, and punish the people who did not. That was a clear double standard that helped to seed his demise. Thaksin would selectively use the courts or other means to get his way hurting Thais along the way and discarding them like used toilet paper when he was done with them.

So with the Red Shirts pointing out double standards, they have in turn set themselves on fire as well. They must be aware that because Thaksin created so many double standards, it is a no brainer that the Abhisit government will seek out Thaksin supporters who are presently benefitting from double standards. It would be difficult for the Red Shirts to stop this counter attack as they themselves have named the game and focused the light of scrutiny on all no matter what color shirt they have.

When it comes to the double standard between Thais and non Thais, the Thais have just put their foot in their mouth by announcing they were going after foreign owned venues in Pattaya and not all venues. The accusation is based that only foreigners are involved in what has been described as sex trade. The fact is the Thai owned venues get away with a lot more, and this is seen as Thais being jealous that foreigners are doing better because of how they manage their businesses. Thai thinking is ‘Hit them for all you can as they will not be back’. This discourages repeat customers and that is the basis behind the success of non Thai businesses.

The fact that this was so publicly announced in the local media is what makes this so significant. Before it was just accusations that there was a double standard between Thais and non Thais. This announcement put it on the record that the double standards do exist and certainly will be cited in court cases down the road. Watching how this all will pan out will certainly be entertaining as plausible deniability can no longer be used by the Thais.

In short this all looks to be popcorn worthy as the Thais inflict their own wounds by pointing out double standards. All Thais will be affected by this and not limited to pro or anti Thaksin groups. This is hanging their laundry in the front yard for all the world to see.

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