Christian extremists Part 2

As it would be the Christian extremists have alienated themselves from the general population. But with the risk of legal challenges from the Thai courts for distorting facts, it will prove to be at the very least a popcorn eating event once it starts to unfold.

From the sidelines it looks to be an interesting set of events if and when the narrow and distorted views are challenged in a Thai court. For the most part, putting clamps on the Internet is low on the popularity scale with nearly everyone. Everyone that is except people who like to force their own personal views and morals on others and control the clamp. The narrow views will go unchallenged, it is the distortions that will crucify them.

It is unfortunate as it is but some mental health professionals classify any extremist as mentally ill at some level. They refuse to accept reality and continue preaching what they see and ignore facts. Christian extremists clearly fall into that category. In that respect the Catholic Church is seen as arrogant and encouraging behavior that is ultimately life threatening by discouraging use of condoms.

The application of distortions is clearly targeting the unknowing in an attempt to recruit them to support their views. This is seen applied in every extreme religious group being Christian or other. It could be called propaganda if the facts were not distorted and just a view point was given. But the Christian extremists have resorted to lies, and at last check that was on that 10 list of things you should not do that does not belong to David Letterman.

Unfortunately there are a few Christian extremist that get carried away and start to act like the Muslim extremists by killing people. The lack of ability to confront reality most certainly can be a contributing factor. People that attend Catholic schools have a much harder time in life as Catholic schools only teach about the perfect world and not the real world. That also would explain why Bible Thumpers programming crashes so easy when challenged with simple logic.

With this said, each person should decide on their own how to deal with these people. In many cases they act as dumb as someone standing naked in a cold rain, so talking to them is not effective. Sending them to a professional like a psychologist may be the only answer but unlikely to happen unless their religion is classified as a cult. So it does leave a dilemma.

For the most part, Connecting the Dots sees Christian extremists on the same path as Muslim extremists eventually leading to violence as they are ignored and shunned by the general public as odd and unusual behaving. Sooner or later one or more will look towards more violent means with a biblical signature. So just keep this thought in the back of your mind next time you get the Bible rammed down your throat without asking for it.

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