Collective push to unplug Thaksin

Based on the events of the past several days, it would seem Thaksin is uncertain he will win his case over his alleged ill gotten fortune. His actions through is supporters clearly suggest muscle is being use to sway the court to favor Thaksin. This also strongly suggests Thaksin is guilty and he knows it.

It would seem that every time a significant case comes up that has the potential of taking the wind out of Thaksin’s sails, royal reinforcement of the judges is displayed. Prior to the landmark decision that dissolved the dominant political party the Thai Rak Thai a similar display was seen. This is not generally seen as the King taking sides, but simply reinforcing the Judges to be fair and impartial without being influenced by those who look to circumvent justice.

Quoting The Nation February 2, 2010

Only justice can bring about hope and peace : HM

At an audience granted to the newly sworn-in Supreme Court judges, His Majesty yesterday told them to strictly adhere to the principles of justice to maintain peace, happiness and orderliness in the country.

“Each and every one of you is really important in ensuring orderliness. You are the hope of the people, both good and bad. You can help increase the number of good people,” the King said before a gathering of 168 judges.

In a ceremony led by Supreme Court president, Sopchok Sukharom, the judges were sworn-in during the 20-minute audience with His Majesty at Siriraj Hospital.

“If you maintain justice, the country will be peaceful. Even bandits and villains hope for justice. You could make troublemakers do good things too. It’s better than having no symbol of justice,” His Majesty said, adding the judges could bring happiness and peace to the country by simply being just when performing their duties.

“You are a symbol of justice. And by performing your duty well, you can help the country survive. Everyone wants our country to survive. Even the bandits and villains feel they want peace. If you can have your compatriots believe in peace, happiness and justice, our country will work fine,” His Majesty said.

He also told the judges that they should stick to the principles of justice to their dying day, even when they are no longer in the judiciary.

Meanwhile Thaksin continues to look to bring the pot to a boil by creating phantom reasons to have his Red Shirts rally against. The latest is a coup without reason. As Connecting the Dots sees it and based on an observation the military does not like Thaksin (Seh Daeng), why would they have a coup that could potentially strengthen Thaksin. A coup could at the very least delay the scheduled February 26 court ruling on Thaksin’s wealth. It could also provide Thaksin with a chance to setup a government in exile. So for that we simply must conclude Thaksin is trying to force a coup.

The Constitution is also another factor why a Coup is just a fantasy. It is the Constitution that is keeping Thaksin’s cronies in check. A coup would simply take the Constitution off line being another thing Thaksin wants to see.

So between royal reinforcement of the judges, the military saying no to a coup, and the government on fairly solid ground and also looking to see justice served, Thaksin faces a significant number of good guys that are all looking to do the right thing, and that is apparently one of Thaksin’s biggest fears.

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