Morals and ethics vs Thailand’s naughty nightlife

when it comes to how some people feel about Thailand’s naughty nightlife, there is no shortage of negative comments. Unfortunately, all those negative comments come from people who have their own sexual issues as a result of trying to mix morals and ethics with sex.

Cutting directly to the point, morals and ethics are part of society and culture. But when it comes to sex, we are talking instincts and human nature to seek it out. When you try to mix the two together, you end up with a mess by trying to punish someone for being human.

On the recent short list of people who have been punished for allowing their instincts to get the best of them, we have Tiger Woods, along with a variety of other high profile politicians and people that have been put on a pedestal by society. The list is very long, and that is just the ones that were caught in the act of being human. This list does not only include men, there are plenty of women as well. For every man that was caught, there was one or more women involved.

So turning the light to Thailand’s naughty nightlife, we suddenly are face with the reality of why it exists. That simple reality it is built into our instincts. People that go on crusades like Bible Thumpers and Church groups, only tend to fill the appointment books of therapists. People are confused why they have these urges that draw them to sex that are seemingly shunned by society.

Fortunately the Bible Thumpers are also shunned by society as a whole for being odd and unusual. With that some may conclude that following their instincts and visiting the naughty nightlife may help in keeping them from being like the Bible Thumpers. Ironically everything that the Bible Thumpers seem to be preaching against in naughty nightlife areas, they themselves have done but in other places. With that thought in mind, it does leave you wondering at the oxymoron they are creating.

Also under the heading window shopping, a person can go and observe the happenings in Go-Go bars but not have to get involved in sexual activity. There is plenty to see and lots of cold beer to take the edge off of whatever is bothering you. But society will try to punish you because of your GPS coordinates.

With that thought, it becomes extremely hypocritical that renting or buying an adult movie that depicts sexual activity is acceptable, but watching sexy women dancing in a bar is an issue. On the same note sex sells, there are thousands of sexually suggestive advertisements for products in every direction you care to look. But if you are in a place that you can actually reach out and touch it, you are punished.

This moral and ethical base has roots in religion. The same religions that discourage the use of condoms and have priests accused and convicted of some form of sexual misconduct with children. It is very clear the policy the church has on sex is not slightly flawed, it is extremely messed up. It goes without saying trying to override human instincts has its problems.

So the next time someone tries to demoralize you for being human, you should put them in their place and recommend a good therapist to them that deals in sexual issues.

8 Responses to Morals and ethics vs Thailand’s naughty nightlife

  1. I just simply choose to ignore idiots 🙂

  2. Danny Nomad says:

    I’m sorry but this “essay” is deeply flawed.

    If I understand your argument correctly, behaviour which is based on instincts, like sex, should not be regulated by morality or ethics. People who try to curtail “natural” behavior are deeply flawed.

    If your argument is indeed valid, then you should have no moral problem with rape or murder. Both are natural human behaviors that have occurred throughout human history. Next time a rapist is arrested, he should just say, “I didn’t do anything wrong. I just wanted to have sex, that’s part of human nature and what right do you have to curb my instincts?” Or the next time a jealous lover murders his romantic rival, he should just say “Its part of my instincts to ensure reproductive success. So eliminating my rivals is natural”.

    In short, it is PRECISELY the role of morality and ethics to regulate behavior which is instinctual, but which causes harm or impedes on the rights of others.

  3. Janet Murphy says:

    Wow Danny, you are completely missing what is being said here. You seem to want to bring in things that are totally not related such as rape and murder. The basis of this is about behavior of consenting adults that some other people have a problem with because they have been told it was wrong. Those people can not process what there eyes are seeing being (How can these people possibly be having a good time.)

    Rapes happen when people look to repress nature, the statistics simply prove that time and time again. In Thailand for every 1 rape there are tens of rapes if not hundreds in countries that seek your remedy of applying morals and ethics to a place they simply do not belong. That seems fairly unethical and certainly immoral to increase the risk of rape or violent crime if you ask me. It certainly sound like the person who came up with that brilliant idea has there own problems with sex. I would suggest you give some serious thought to who’s advise you want to follow. Time to open your eyes and trust what you are seeing and not blindly follow others my friend.

    I am a woman and I work in the courts and I see the numbers and the underlying reasons and I am very sorry to say you position contributes to the case load particularly with your statement of;

    “In short, it is PRECISELY the role of morality and ethics to regulate behavior which is instinctual, but which causes harm or impedes on the rights of others.”


  4. I have to agree with Janet. Why do you think they give methadone to people on heroin. By doing that it keeps the crime rate down as well as slowing the spread of HIV from sharing needles. Your intentions are good but very flawed in thinking that depravation will solve the problem. I have visited Soi Cowboy in Bangkok and only a very small percentage of people take a girl from a bar. If everyone did the bars would be empty by 9:00pm. Your assumption about places like that is also very flawed. Janet is right open your eyes Danny.

  5. Janet, I think you are confusing two issues here.
    The original post claimed that we shouldn’t be ‘punished’ for acting on natural instincts.
    Sex is a natural instinct. Should be OK between consenting partners.
    Violence could also be seen as natural instinct. Sure someone gets hurt, but why isn’t violence still considered natural according to you?

    I say, plenty of sex, with consenting partners is fine, but don’t claim that one thing (sex) is natural & off moral judgment, while the other (violence) should be condemned if it’s only based on the premiss of being considered natural.

  6. SpiderMike says:

    It seems you have confirmed that the only group of people left that it is politically correct to trash, are Christians. Christians are imperfect and are sinners, that is why they have chosen Christ Jesus. For all their short comings, they are not shunned nor are they odd. They are simply trying and many times failing, to live to a higher standard. Like it or not, Christianity is at the core of Western values. If Christianity were to disappear tomorrow, those good Western values would fade within a generation or two. So, the next time you see the “Bible thumpers” , give a silent thanks, for they are all that stand between you and anarchy.

  7. Thank you sir may I have another one! (Sound of paddle stinging “fantail” again. And again. And again….)

    Sex is, indeed, a “natural instinct,” and thus a good avenue for shaming-and-blaming those who desire. The pendulum of “public opinion” on sexuality swings ever from permissive to very strictly disapproving.

    And, of course, “it’s all the man’s fault.” We see justifications of this throughout the institutes of disapproval, which are legion.

    Ah, well, here comes the “blame train” again. Arriving now on Track One. Into the boxcars, all of you!

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