Pushing back at China

Over the past several years China has slowly been pushing to extend it’s controls past it’s borders. But now it seems they have come to a point that enough is enough.

The straw that seemed to have broken the camels back was the Gmail hacking and Google simply said enough is enough. Google simply threatened to pull the plug on China and leave China to China. Certainly Google would take a hit in the wallet, but the bigger picture said keep people using Google and take the hit.

Next was the announcement that the US was selling arms to Taiwan, and China proceeded to get all hot and bothered making the noise of discontentment. The third big hit was China objected to President Obama meeting the Dalai Lama and for the most part that was ignored as well.

Needless to say China is a tad upset that they are being put in their place for stepping over the line. But in reflection what would happen if trade with China was to stop or be limited.

Without putting on our big thinking caps we simply see that what was coming from China will simply come from another source be it some place in the USA or another country. That quickly translates into new jobs in a time when they are desperately needed. But matching China’s price will be difficult if not impossible as China has been known to undercut the market by selling at a loss just to get market share.

So what that means is the same hit Google will take will also be felt in the pockets of the consumers. But if that is the price people need to pay to promote democracy and human rights, it is a small price to pay if you think about it.

So the question of morality of putting your money where your mouth is, would you pay more to stand behind your moral and ethical values on human rights, or will you let China buy your silence so they can continue silencing others? Feel free to comment below.

3 Responses to Pushing back at China

  1. Richard,

    It’s now only a matter of time before your site will be blocked in China.

    I think they are in for a major correction, as China has been building structures and cities at an amazing clip. The root issue is the slowdown of rural migration to the cities so the net result is that these buildings will be under or unutilized.

    This overbuilding, while contributing to GDP, also is sowing the seeds for the next crash.

    That alone will give China some pause.


  2. Hi Mike;

    That would be interesting in that 23% of last months traffic was from China. Also you may want to fix your signature line so you link will work by changing the comma for a dot.

  3. Richard,

    It’s fixed.

    I’ve seen China ban websites pretty fast but I guess you are still ok (for now).