Global warming hits Olympics

It would seem that of late the Olympic games are being effected by man made decisions elsewhere in the world. The 2008 Olympics in China were marred by events in Tibet causing issues with the running of the torch, and this time it seems there is too little snow due partly to global warming.

There is little more that can describe it, simply being winter Olympic games without winter. In that part of Canada the weather is warm and snow is being trucked in to where it should be in abundance. The alpine events are fine because of the elevation.

But according to the weather experts, global warming is not the only player, El Nino is said to be partly to blame too. But with phrases being heard not only at the Olympic venues like ‘It’s never been like this’ or ‘I can not remember it being like this’, it leaves you wondering just how much of an octane boost global warming is giving El Nino.

Moving further south and you will find up to 60 inches (152cm) of snow in places that usually have little or none. Records that have stood for 112 years are being broken, and winter is not yet over. Places like Washington DC are buried under more snow than they know what to do with.

The federal government has been shut down for several days as roads are simply impassable to all but the most robust vehicles. It seems almost a poetic justice that during the Bush presidency Washington refused to move on global warming, and now global warming is not letting Washington move. The ironic part is today they are calling this unusual weather, but in a few years it will start to be accepted as the new norm, so welcome to the future.

Even further south in places like Texas, they are getting hit with more snow in a single storm than they get all year as snow removal budgets are several times overspent. So the ounce of prevention money now seems to be forced to be used in the pound of cure. For those that don’t know Texas is the home state of former President George Bush.

As Connecting the Dots tends to make accurate predictions on things we offer this prediction, expect a bit of a baby boom along the US mid Atlantic region come the end of October as people simply look to pass the time with whatever comes up while snowed in at home.

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