Pre verdict actions by Red Shirts suggest Thaksin’s guilt

For people to make threats against others suggests they know they are in the wrong. For people to make threats against someone else for a third person suggests they will have something to loose from that third person, and money is the most likely thing to be lost.

We read about and hear about it regularly if you care enough to look. There is always some criminal making threats to their victim. Quite possibly the most common one is a rapist making threats to the person they just raped that if they go to the police they will be hunted down and experience some sort of bodily harm. What we are talking about is the employment of fear to let a crime go unchecked.

For some victims this fear tactic works, and for others it fires them up to proceed with setting things right and going after the criminal. After all threats would not be needed if there was not a crime, so empowered with that logic the victim charges forward knowing they will prevail in the end.

So with about a week and a half to go before the Thaksin verdict, they psychological threat game is underway by those who know they are in the wrong. Symbolic attacks are being made with various explosives in and around the courts and the government, and judging from the past responses from Prime Minister Abhisit, he looks to be in the group of people that will get fired up and not cower in fear. With all the well publicize presentations that the government is ready for the expected attacks, it sends a message to Thaksin that fear is being rejected.

Is seems nobody truly believes the Red Shirts will not get violent, their word has been proven to be somewhat worthless. Polls suggest the majority expect violence at some point in the near future. If it is before the Thaksin verdict it will be seen as a threat, if it is after the verdict it can only be seen as a Thaksin temper tantrum.

With that said it is fairly easy to see that the behavior that is being seen by pro Thaksin people is that of criminals. It is no different than what is going on in northen Mexico where an all out drug war is underway. It is doubtful it will reach that level in Bangkok because this is all about one man and not about drug cartels. A brief surge a violence that may last 72 hours is the worst that may be seen. After that there will be some angry people, but for the most part by then it will be crying over spilled milk.

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