Guilty Thaksin fallout predictions

In Thailand there is certainly a lot of hype of doom and gloom being predicted by pro Thaksin supporters if Thaksin is found guilty and his fortune is confiscated. So Connecting the Dots has decided to pull out our Ouija board and tell you what we think because our crystal ball is in the shop for upgrades.

First off with this big-little issues is there is more psychology and propaganda being thrown around with this than we have seen in a very long time. The pro Thaksin people at every level are collectively spewing doom and gloom if the courts decide that money belongs to the Thai people and not Thaksin.

Massive rallies are being planned and loads of money is being poured into hiring as many people as possible to attend the rally. The million man march as it is being marketed as is simply an unrealistic number unless all are paid to attend. The only person in Thailand that can muster such a vast number of people is the King, and for that people come without being paid.

This is just a form of psychology that for the most part resembles a puffer fish. As with all Thaksin supporters, it is all about the money. In reality many of Thaksin supporters that were die hard a year ago are now fairly easy to concede that Thaksin is not the man he was and is a bomb waiting to explode if he gets back into power. All it takes is looking at the news from places like Iran and say that is what Thaksin looks to do, and few would disagree at this point.

There have been rumors circulated that both sides are seeking access to the judges that will hand down their ruling on February 26. Some suggest assassinations, others suggest bribes. What this simply says it this is nothing short of a full court press by Thaksin. Even Thaksin’s children petitioned the courts for a gag order, and that was rejected. All that would have succeeded in doing would be to silence the law abiding people. Seeing as Thaksin clearly sees himself above the law, his propaganda would continue despite the gag order.

With that said we can now focus on the reality of a guilty verdict. The first thing in reality the only person that would have negative consequences from this is Thaksin. For every other Thai in Thailand the consequences will actually be positive. If Guilty that would mean the courts have said the money belongs to the Thai people. That also means the Thai government should quickly get that money out to the people and in particular in the pro Thaksin parts of Thailand.

If it is honestly marked as ‘This is the money Thaksin stole from you to put in his pocket’ then Thaksin’s popularity should plummet to near zero inside a week. Keeping in mind it is all about the money. Just doing the math that would be about 1100 Baht for every person in Thailand. So a village of 700 people may get 7,100,000 Baht to do as they want with no strings attached.

In reality to put an end to Thaksin for good this is how it should be done. The money for the most part is transparent to the government and should never be counted. It truly belongs to the Thai people. This will also go a long way in stemming corruption once the people get a taste of what life can be like without corruption. It does not take a very high degree for people to conclude my money is better in my pocket than yours.

So simply put if Prime Minister Abhisit can take full advantage of this free opportunity to put an end to Thaksin’s popularity, Connecting the Dots is very likely to have a lot less to write about in the coming months.

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