Thaksin’s own words betray him

The convicted fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra has been known from time to time to say things that he should not for his own sake. That is suddenly followed up by ‘I was misquoted’ or some other attempt to stuff his own words back in his mouth. For his sake it just seems best to stick to pathological lying.

In a statement partially fueled by anger and frustration, Thaksin once again has accidentally come out and said what his true plans are. So allow Connecting the Dots to connect the dots for you so you can see how Thaksin has simply just verified what has already been figured out.

The first and most important thing is taking note if the tense of the statement and when it was being referred to. ‘king’s advisors want to block his rise to power.’ This statement simply talks about going higher than Prime Minister. Simply that will require one of 2 things to happen. First seeing that Prime Minister is the top post of a democratic country, it means that he wanted to go higher and consolidate all power under him. That is the description of a dictator. The other would be elimination of the royal family to rise to a higher place or both of the options. Those are the only 2 possible answers Connecting the Dots can see. The time of reference was when he was already Prime Minister.

The statement still shows he is stuck at September 18, 2006 in his head and is still fighting to undo all that has been done after that date. Once again it does not take a psychiatry degree to see this is a sick mind at work.

Quoting The Nation;

Thaksin vows to fight back till he dies

Fugitive ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra has vowed to put up a tough fight against those whom he accused of harassing him till the day he dies during the Thaksin Around the World programme via Thaksinlive.come.

“If I am abused and harassed, I will never ever surrender. I will fight head-on as long as my face is not yet covered with soil,’’ he said.

Thaksin recounted his glorious days when the disbanded Thai Rak Thai Party was at its peak of popularity and he was brought under investigation by the National Counter Corruption Commission on charges of asset concealment.

He said the “amat” or king’s advisors want to block his rise to power. “I know the people who intended to harass me. Finally the National Counter Corruption Commission found me guilty of assets concealment with eight to one votes. Those who ruled against convicting me were heavily criticized. It was like what is happening today, whoever side with me are bad people. The incident during the asset concealing trial and now is very similar. But the intensity of the situation now is much higher today. But the more they harass me, the harder I will fight back. I have a lot of people who give me morale support,’’ Thaksin said.

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