Thaksin’s asset case a layman view Part 2

Continued from part 1; As Joe continued to observe Thaksin making decisions that seemed to not make sense, he started to note a clear resentment towards Thaksin. If you were not one of Thaksin’s cronies, your worth was simply less than dirt as Thaksin could care less about you. That is unless Thaksin could see you as a source of money and he would set about manipulating things to make your money his.

During a typical week Thaksin would make enemies every time he opened his mouth. His arrogance and stepping on people was common. He would listen to nobody and simply do what he wants. At the same time he would be seeing to his lesser educated supporters offering them literally pennies on the dollar keeping them happy. The rest of that dollar went into Thaksin’s pocket.

It was not uncommon to see a wonderful opportunity being presented to the Thai Government that would clearly help the Thai people, but be shot down by Thaksin. Then a week or so later be repackaged ane be presented again because the original version offered no money for Thaksin. The repackaged and more expensive version allowed Thaksin to make money on it. This cycle was seen time and time again.

But Thaksin was not content with minimal skimming, he replaced that small skimming garden hose with one found on a fire truck. When you consider that it becomes very clear how Thaksin amassed so much wealth. It is that money that is the center of the asset case set for judgment on February 26.

As for the reason so many people are in an uproar in Thailand, when you look closely they are on the take with Thaksin. If the court rules that the money is ill-gotten and should be returned to the state coffers, they will lose out on Thaksin’s hand outs. In short the people that are protesting have been bought by Thaksin one way or another. That quickly translates to a hired red shirt protest by Thaksin. It also tends to explain why when you look at the protests why people are so much in arms about Thaksin’s money. The word that is most closely associated with that is greed.

Interestingly enough Joe starts to realize educated people that despise Thaksin have good moral and ethical values that govern their lives, and educated people that admire Thaksin tend to have much lower morals and ethics. It is clear Thaksin is far less than a roll model any educated parent would cite, but lesser educated people simply can not see past the money and openly admire anyone who would offer money to them be it a murder or someone at the top of the respect and admire ladder.

There is truly not much need to go deeper than that if you do not care about Thai politics. The simple explanation is pro Thaksin people are simply waiting for Thaksin to open his wallet and hand them money, but if the court empties Thaksin’s wallet there will be no money to hand out. So the game plan is do anything and everything possible to avert that wallet emptying ruling.

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