Thaksin attacks with laws he ignores

In more classic Thaksin style, the basis of the latest rounds of Red Shirt rallies have been to scrutinize the law to the letter for all of Thaksin’s enemies. However for Thaksin as far has he is concerned the laws simply do not apply to a person of his stature.

It is a bit difficult to sit down and not relay some of the arrogant traits of Thaksin. In his mind he is above all and can simply do as he wants. As lead protect Superman from Kryptonite, Thaksin’s money protects him from the law, so there is little wonder why the court ruling due on February 26 may be a game stopper for him. It is uncertain how much thaksin has in reserves, but with the global economy turning around it is likely Thaksin still has enough seed money left to regrow his fortune… or not.

The concern is although Thaksin is rich, it seems he has achieved that wealth in less than honest ways, hence the court ruling that is about to come down to set that straight. So if that is indeed the case and he is found guilty, we can fully expect Thaksin to dispute it and accuse the courts of being bias against him. But this one Thaksin will not be able to run away from unless he has a crony with a key to the bank and unlocks his accounts before the money is transferred to the state coffers.

So the question is if Thaksin is found guilty, how much longer will he be able to run and avoid the law. Rest assured the global business community is intently waiting to see what the Thai courts have to say about Thaksin. If he is guilty there will be a huge red flag to simply stay away from dealings with Thaksin as well as look to exit any business dealings with him as quickly as possible.

The reason for this is very clear, Thaksin will simply draw scrutiny to all of his business dealings the same as sharks are drawn to blood. The name Thaksin will simply be enough reason to have a look, and no company needs a government poking around in their books. There will also be significant guilt by association the same as Tiger Woods is experiencing as his sponsors bail out. Although Thaksin thinks he is above the law, people who deal with Thaksin know they are not.

So this court ruling has far reaching consequences for Thaksin in the business world and may simply stop his ability to conduct business. If that is the case, other than living off of bank interest in his remaining accounts, Thaksin looks to come crashing back to earth and straight into the arms of the jailers who are holding his cell in wait for him.

So as for Thaksin scrutinizing his enemies accusing them of double standards, it was double standards that helped Thaksin get rich. That double standard is the law does not apply to Thaksin.

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