Sexy women or animals

Female Centaur

Now before you get all up in a fuss, this is not about sex. Well maybe a little. This is all about what Yahoo has to say about what people like best.

If you have Yahoo or Google along with other customizable home pages, you may discover a feature or widget that shows the most popular photos of the day. And consistently the popular photos flop back and forth between sexy women or animals. There is a spray of other photos of unusual things like cars in swimming pools, or a police mug shot of someone who was caught in some heinous crime, but for the most part women or animals.

Playful dogs

For the animals, well they do not need be cute, but Panda photos rank high on the list of popularity as do animals with big eyes. But every now and again the other end of the cute spectrum is shown with the ugly dog contest winner.

World's Ugliest Dog

As for this deprived fellows heinous crime, according to the caption he was caught having sex with a horse. If anyone ever needed a trip to Pattaya Thailand, he sure does.

Accused Horse Molester

This photo unfortunately for the Matador shows a gender change procedure via Bull.

alternate sex change method

Whenever there is a fashion show or beauty contest, the popular photos are of the women, and most certainly the most revealing shots.

Fashion show

It does not matter too much about anything else.

Fashion show

So what this is simply saying is we are human and part of nature. There are things we like and things we find unusual and they do capture our attention. What photos are popular on any given day reflect the pulse of the planet, and what it is like to be human.

color chicks

This differs a bit where society tries to tell us how to act, and we do our best to mimic what is expected of us. Society says we should be ‘x’ when what we really want is ‘y’. Our body language also gives us away. Our subconscious desires are transmitted with our body language whether they be mating cues spelling out sexual desire, or simply being squeamish about tending to that nasty toilet bowl. Hypnotherapist are trained to read the most subtle body language as it is direct communication from the subconscious mind and helps to guide the therapy. Anyone that is expert at reading body language sees past the public show meant for societies approval and knows all about what is really on people minds, just as these most popular pictures show.

seeing eye horse

All the photos in this story were from Yahoo’s most popular photos.

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