Thaksin attacks justice

For Thaksin to go after people who get in his way is nothing new. He has been up to this for as long as anyone can remember. But to openly go after the nine judges that handed down his most recent guilty verdict has the distinct echo of how drug Cartels intimidate to stay in power.

As predicted Thaksin has called open war on his enemies. One of his biggest enemies at this point is judges who he can not buy. These judges have no doubt listened to the King of Thailand reminding them of their duty. So essentially to go after the judges that listened to the King could vaguely be seen as disrespect for the King. But then again this is nothing new for Thaksin either.

When Thaksin was Prime Minister, it was a near daily occurrence to see his lawyer Noppadon Pattama at the court filing a lawsuit against someone who Thaksin did not like. Most were frivolous but with Thaksin’s control over the courts all but the most outrageous had some sting.

The first move against the nine judges is a petition drive to seek impeachment. There is little doubt Thaksin will achieve this goal seeing that he managed so many for his petition to the King requesting to be bad without punishment. So this will start a process that ultimately seeks to punish the judges for respecting the Kings wisdom.

With the guilty verdict there was little doubt Thaksin would turn violent through his supporters. The story below simply reflects that. With all of this open mafia style warnings, there is little doubt as to the content of private conversations with Thaksin.

Quoting the Nation March 4, 2010;

Website lists 53 persons ‘marked on forehead

The website of suspended Army specialist Maj-General Khattiya Sawasdiphol has released a list of 53 people in various professions who it said “had been marked on the forehead”.

The names include Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and two Cabinet members, members of the media, lecturers, activists and core leaders of the People’s Alliance for Democracy. All the persons are known for their anti-Thaksin Shinawatra stance. Three members of Nation Multimedia Group, including group editor-in-chief Suthichai Yoon, are also included in the list.

The list does not carry any message threatening the lives or safety of the 53 people but said these people had committed “bad things” and are now “paying the price for their bad karma”.

Deputy Bangkok police Pol Maj-General Amnuay Nimmano said any of the 53 people who felt threatened or offended by the website list could file a complaint with the police against those responsible for slander. He said the footnotes under their names were enough to make the case for slander, “irrespective of whether what the footnotes say are true or false”.

Police said they are in the process of securing an arrest warrant for a close aide to Khattiya, Phornwat Thongtanaboon, who posted a YouTube video threatening a civil war and daily bomb attacks. He was charged yesterday with two offences: threatening unrest or rebellion through a public statement, and intimidation, after a legal interpretation deemed his YouTube statement a criminal act.

In another video message by a man close to suspended Army specialist Khattiya Sawasdiphol, obtained by The Nation, Phornwat Thongthanaboon has threatened to blockade the compound of Nation Multimedia Group, off Bang Na-Trat highway, soon.

The 45-minute Camfrog clip, recorded on an unspecified date, said: The first target to be blockaded is The Nation building, starting from tomorrow. You must move away all your broadcasting equipment [laughs]. Consider yourself warned. There will be other [non-NMG] people to be targeted in a list I have,” he said.

Speaking to listeners whom he did not identify, Phornwat continued: “Anyone wanting to blockade The Nation, just go. Anyone wanting to blockade ASTV station, just go. Seize their properties. You can [enter their studios and] touch their microphones if you want to.”

Phornwat, who is better known as K Thong, referred to his YouTube video message threatening a civil war and daily bomb attacks in Bangkok, saying: “It is very worthwhile. A small-time DJ like myself can reveal the true selves of media like ASTV, Thai Post, Naew Na, The Nation and Siam Rath cry like babies.”

He also mentioned Voice of Tape media, costing Bt1,000 a month for Web broadcast, which he said could rock national media. He gave no further details about it.

Phornwat also said he had allied with the Democrat Alliance against Dictatorship despite not having any common ground with them. “The People’s National Army [cited by Khattiya as an armed civilian force he has set up] will adhere to the DAAD’s strategy,” he added.

If the red-shirted protesters are surrounded by soldiers, a large number of them will surround the soldiers again. They will lay down their arms only two days after they have no foods and drinks.

The fallout for all of this is Thaksin will discover there are much fewer safe havens for him. With open attacks from Thaksin, countries will be much less likely to allow Thaksin on their soil. But it is clear thaksin wishes to have Thai soil under his feet in the very near future, and to be running the country disappearing his enemies. That all looks to be done before the 30 day period after his February 26 guilty verdict. On that day the money in his bank accounts will be disbursed.

Adding to that based on the below it seems any violence by Thaksin will be labeled as getting rid of a corrupt and unjust government and legal system that has done him wrong. It is clear the words remorse and Thaksin will not be found in the same sentence any time soon.

Quoting the Nation;

Thaksin to explain case to the world

Former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra plans to send letters to leaders of countries worldwide to clarify his asset seizure case, Manit Chitchanklab, a former lawyer for the dissolved Thai Rak Thai party, said.

Mr Manit has just returned from visiting the convicted politician in Dubai.

He said Thaksin will tell the international community that his wealth was derived from hard work and that he received no justice in this case.

The Supreme Court on Feb 26 ruled to seize 46 billion baht of ill-gotten assets from Thaksin and his family after finding him guilty of  guilty of abuse of power.

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