Analyzing Thaksin’s hit list

It would appear that a list of about 53 names has been published by Pro Thaksin people who are not shy about violence. In this entry Connecting the Dots will look at a few names and how they got on Thaksin’s  s hit list.

Starting off the list that will quickly set the tone we first will look at Abhisit Vejjajiva.

When Thaksin was Prime Minister, Abhisit Vejjajiva was just a member of parliament and part of the opposition. Because Thaksin listens to nobody, Abhisit was completely and totally ignored. He offered no threat to Thaksin because the Thai Rak Thai party (TRT)  was so powerful. At most Abhisit was an insect to Thaksin that occasionally made a buzzing sound in his ear.

But now that Abhisit is Prime Minister and is keen on following the straight and narrow path that involves bringing Thaksin to justice, he has been added to the  s hit list. Abhisit is simply in Thaksin’s office and sitting in his chair.

Prem Tinsulanonda is clearly seen as one of Thaksin’s biggest foes. This all came to pass in June and July of 2006 when Thaksin decided Prem was causing problems and standing in his way. There were some efforts by Thaksin to undo Prem back then. But as Powerful as Thaksin was, Prem had ropes where Thaksin had strings. Prem is part of a loyal following devoted to The King of Thailand, and seeing that every sign at the Thai border says Kingdom of Thailand it was not hard to see who was going to win that match. Because of that Thaksin feels Prem was instrumental in staging the coup that ousted him.

The nine judges that ruled Thaksin abused his power and ordered his assess be confiscated and returned to state coffers is the only reason they are on the list. They simply were fair and just. So this is just Thaksin punishing them for doing the right thing.

Members of the media that are on Thaksin  s hit list are simply not afraid to call it like it is. Thaksin is so far off base with his greed and self indulgence, any accurate news accounts simply look bias against him. Even the discussion of this  s hit list tends to make Thaksin look bad, but the fact is it does exist and is posted on the internet. Thaksin was always trying to squelch the media and run his own propaganda. Thaksin simply despises the truth and that is why the news media is on the shit list. Only Thaksin’s version of the truth is acceptable, and that tends to be completely and exactly opposite of what the media publishes.

As for the rest of the people on the list, in one way or another they are looking to get Thaksin to serve his jail time, and are also working at keeping Thaksin looking over his shoulder for bounty hunters, Interpol and perhaps someone else who has their own list with Thaksin’s name on it.

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