Thaksin’s bully play

Now that the Thaksin assets verdict has been read and Thailand is moving forward, Thaksin is still looking to move things backwards. If you believe the numbers and the hype of a million man protest, you can only relate this to bully mentality looking to beat up the good kid who plays by the rules.

If you read what the Red Shirts are saying together with Thaksin, this coming rally is not a rally but actually a strategic assault. There are clearly defined goals that amount to holding that good kid’s arms while the bully has a go at him. This in specific is attempting to interfere with the military by attempting to keep them trapped in barracks and not let them deploy.

Quoting The Nation quoting Jatuporn;

Ahead of the mass rally in the capital, mobile units of  red shirts will lay siege at Army bases to block the troops from staging a coup or cracking down protesters.

The targeted bases include those of the 2nd Infantry Division in Prachin Buri, the 21st Infantry Regiment in Chon Buri, the 31st Infantry Regiment in Lop Buri and the 9th Infantry Division in Kanchanaburi.

Connecting the Dots has not checked but their may be some military laws pertaining to interfering with the military that could provide a reason to deal with this group in a less than subtle way and insulate the government. It would be a 100% military issue dealing with people who look to interfere with the military conducting its duties to King and country.

At this point it has nothing at all to do with democracy and everything to do with a coup by Thaksin to forcefully overthrow the government himself. If this is indeed the game plan then Thaksin hopes to make this so called rally the big brother of the April 2009 riots, and that is exactly Thaksin’s signature being to hit harder with a bigger hammer with every attempt.

This will clearly result in treason charges and a likely death penalty. If Thaksin’s attempt should fail, expect more of Thaksin’s cronies running out of Thailand with their tail tucked between their legs. This will simply be to severe to overlook and let slide and glide through the courts. These people will be in jail without bail waiting to stand in front of the judge.

Meanwhile as all of this is going down, per usual Thaksin will be comfortably out of reach and very possibly calling the shots from Cambodia. To do so from the UAE will simply not be tolerated.

If the red shirts do manage to muster numbers, there is likely to be a sea of yellow shirts to back up the military and the police, thus putting a damper on the effectiveness of the number of red shirts. Unfortunately the yellow shirts are not under the same mandate of no violence. In the past any violence by the yellow shirts was used in defense and not offense. So seeing big numbers of yellow shirts waiting inside government compounds may effectively stop the Red Shirts. If conflict takes place inside government building compounds, it is already clear that the Red Shirts breached the perimeter and are on an assault. Looking ahead on how that will stand up in court, it would simply be self defense on the part of the yellow shirts as in fact they would be acting in the capacity of a militia.

2 Responses to Thaksin’s bully play

  1. “Yellow shirts to back up the military and the police….big numbers of yellow shirts waiting inside government compounds..?”

    Personally, I don’t PAD is backing up the military and the police. PAD’s not their ‘troop’, and why should they be ‘waiting inside the government compounds’. Let the police do their job – hopefully they finally ‘learn’ what their duties really are!

    But then.. you may have some ‘inside info’, while I don’t. So, let’s see.

  2. Individual says:

    Is there a point to all the unrest Thaksin continually tries to stir up?
    Is it Democracy that is being sought? If so, then Freedom has no meaning. Democracy at a National level only results in achieving more or less equality of the ruled, to a point where there is no longer any to take from, at which point the form of government becomes Communist.
    Think I’m kidding? Watch the U.S.A. It was founded as a Constitutional republic comprised of sovereign democratic states, and about 100 years ago began moving towards Democracy at the National level. Now when one state fails, all the states fail. No one is left to lend a hand when times are bad as they are all brought down together.