Red Shirt Rally locations in Bangkok

Connecting the Dots has from reliable sources that Thaksin’s Red Shirt army will descend on Bangkok in the following locations. Note this is not a regular entry for Connecting the Dots.

On Friday March 12 at or around 12:00 noon, Thaksin Red Shirt Army will gather at the following locations in Bangkok. Care should be taken to avoid these areas. Each location is expected to have about 10,000 protesters. It is uncertain if they will stay at these locations or move through Bangkok before March 14.

On March 14 all groups will march to Sanam Luang at Rachadamnoen Road. Each groups intent will be the total disruption of all transportation. Noting that some of the locations are along both of the Skytrain routes there is a strong possibility they will try to disrupt Skytrain service and possibly the MTR Subway service as well.

There will also be gatherings in:

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