Angry Americans political poison

There most certainly is a battle underway in Washington between the old school ways and the new school ways. The republicans are fighting so hard to keep the old school ways, they seem ready to part with a limb. Unfortunately in this case that limb may be their head.

Trying not to sound bias against the Republican party may be a bit difficult with the out of touch absurdities that are coming from them. There is a very visible pattern of wanting to stay in the political bed with their big money contributors even if they have the political equal to HIV. There also is clear evidence that suggests not moving on health care reform is more about denying President Obama his cornerstone so there will be a better chance in winning the White House come the next presidential elections.

The republicans that seem the most out of touch are leading the republican pack. Of that group Newt Gingrich seems the loudest. Much of not all that is being said tends to deny common sense, particularly on health care reform. The foundation of their party is based on curbing governments spending, but like an American who is suffering from a catastrophic illness, saving money tends to be secondary. In this case the Republican party is trying to avoid tasting the soup they have cooked for the American public, and in turn look to force feed the American public their portion as well. That soup mostly consists of out of control health care costs and the unfortunate reality of needing to dig in the wallet to survive.

The movement of the new Tea party is seeded in anger at the government not moving. Ironically some Republicans are trying to repackage this anger and use it for personal gain rather than deal with the issues that are causing that anger. Posing for pictures with people who received benefits that they voted against. To clarify that; Republican ‘A’ voted against a bill that was later passed and signed into law. Then Republican ‘A’ posed for a photo opportunity creating the illusion he voted for it and not against it with the hopes Americans will remember the picture and not the vote come next elections. Quick translation Republican ‘A’ voted for the benefit of the Republican party and not for the benefit of his/her consistence. Unfortunately Republicans trying to capture and repackage the anger they caused may discover they are petting a rabid animal. The Tea party at least seems to be looking at the new school ways, and many Republican Americans are keen on that idea.

The Tea party movement has already changed the structure of power in Washington by installing a Republican Senator stealing away the Democrats super majority. Unfortunately this will only add to the problem as the old school Republicans will be able to dig their heels in deeper to resist the needed changes.

The Democrats are no angels as well, but at least they are trying to get things done and move America into the next century although it be nearly a decade late thanks to former President George Bush. Many of the things they are looking to do are costly, but it would be a balanced debate to argue against the long overdue need and the added cost because of that delay. Had this health care reform bill been done in 2000, Americans most certainly would have had more money in their pockets to endure $147.00 per barrel of oil, and would have at least reduced the severity of the economic meltdown and ultimately the size of the stimulosus bill.

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