Thaksin’s Red Shirts politically isolated

Over the past 3 weeks or so with the continuous Red Shirt rally in Bangkok, it has become increasingly obvious that they simply stand alone in public opinion on what should be done to resolve the political crisis. It is also becoming painfully obvious that the Red Shirts and their leader are the reason for the problem.

Taking from the book of standards of what to do in various situations, it seems the only answer in this case is to offer no rewards to the Red Shirts. The bombings around Bangkok have a red shirt signature simply by the dots. Only places that are designated as enemies of Thaksin are attacked. This simply matches the signature of terrorism, and the standard is no negotiations with terrorists. Bad behavior is not rewarded.

Taking from yet another group of books on child behavior, (no real nice way to put this) the Red Shirts are acting increasingly childish in their behavior and demands. Anyone who does not agree with them (being everyone else) is attacked one way or the other. Meaning they will force their way onto others and not use democratic ways. This is nothing more than a Thaksin signature. Their goal is the government, but they will act like killer bees when they swarm around Bangkok attacking all that is not red.

It has come to a point that their actions have become so childish and immature, they are damaging their credibility in the eyes of all both inside and outside of Thailand. To go after people that have correctly identified that the Red Shirts blood letting and spilling party dumped both HIV and hepatitis infected blood on the streets is simply absurd. Even if there was no testing of the blood, statistically it is a no brainer to conclude the same findings. So this is nothing more than a denial of an extremely stupid act. The yet unknown is how many Red Shirts became infected as it was clear they used no standard protective gear when they did the spilling.

When you read the news there seems to be three groups of people when it comes to resolving the issue. First there are the peace makers looking for a compromise. Unfortunately there is no such thing when it comes to the psychotic mind of Thaksin. The second group opposes the red shirt and correctly named “Thaksin Regime” position. The third group is the Thaksin Regime red shirt position that is also a minority when the entire Thai population is considered.

So in a situation like the one that is unfolding in Thailand, it is clear and properly announced that the Red Shirts are deliberately distorting information to cause anger. This simply means their position lacks the clout to carry itself on the truth. They are hurting Thailand economically in hopes that the people will simply cave in or start a civil war. Both scenarios favor Thaksin. Marching around Bangkok is simply to put financial hardship on people who do not favor the red shirt position.

However Connecting the Dots does have a suggested fix that seems to work well. Looking back at last year in the USA when the sudden and unexpected death of Michael Jackson occurred there was a public outcry for a place to have a public memorial. When the venue was selected The Jackson family was told they had to foot the bill for police and others who would be working crowd control. So simply put, if the Red Shirts want to march around Bangkok, they should be forced to put down a security deposit that will later be disbursed to offset the hardships they are causing by marching around. No deposit, no march! A very simple fix and that quickly puts an end to part of the problem as it removes some Red Shirt rewards. Never reward bad behavior is a universal fix it seems.

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