No need for panic yet in Thailand

Connecting the Dots has decided to make a few spot comments to relay our views of things as they unfold related to the present state of emergency. The entries will be more real time and not wait for regular publishing times. These posts will be shorter and look to provide some anchoring to reality as it appears there is a significant need at this moment in time. This is the first entry so please read on.

Generally speaking we see some politicians getting shaky feet and legs with what is going on. The typical Thai knee jerk reaction is clearly coming into play. There is also some classic Thai face saving actions going on. Please read the news blurb below from the Nation.

Somsak Prissananthakul, a Chart Thai Pattana Party leading member, said Monday that representatives of coalition partners told the government manager, Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban, that the House should be dissolved sooner than nine months.

Somsak said the coalition partners’ leaders met Suthep Sunday night to discuss the situation following fatal clashes between troops and protesters.

Somsak said the time frame of House dissolution would depend on how soon how amendments of the Constitution and related organic laws could be done.

He said the coalition partners did not demand Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva to resign because doing so would lead to political vacuum during time of crisis.

Connecting the Dots sees this as classic Thai face saving with an empty glass. For the most part everyone seems to agree that amendments to the Constitution will not happen unless all political parties agree to them. With Thaksin’s Pheu Thai Party (PTP) seeking to bring back the old Constitution, the changes will not happen nor will the political crisis end. This however places the ball back in the court of the Red Shirts and forces good or bad face on them depending on how they react. As a result Connecting the Dots would classify this as a non issue.

One Response to No need for panic yet in Thailand

  1. Paul C. Parvis says:

    I – like possibly many farangs – am still perplexed what exactly the issue here is.

    Is it the boiling point of a “class struggle” of the “underpriviledged classes” – it seems far-fetched to assume that it is – as legitimate as some of their complaints may be.

    Is it that Abhisits character and actions are largely unblemished – and certain “priviledged elite forces” are trying to re-establish the “status quo” using the “unpriviledged classes” as excuse – using logic – more likely.

    But – only time will tell – hopefully without further bloodshet.