Red and Pink Shirts Queuing for clash

As predicted the Thai people are growing impatient with the Red Shirts and are starting to take matters into their own hands. Although there demonstrations will be several Kilometers away, it does give a target for the Red Shirts to exploit.

Whether or not the Pink Shirts are Yellow Shirts in disguise is almost irrelevant at this point. What does matter is the Red Shirts will attack anyone who does not accept their view no matter what color shirt they are wearing. That is also true for attacking any Prime Minister that is not Thaksin.

This is also the first time that two opposing groups will be having rallies at the same time, and that signals a new level of escalation. Before it was either they Yellow Shirts or the Red Shirts. The last time different color shirts clashed was Blue Shirts and Red Shirts in Pattaya at the Asean Summit venue.

So as for what can be expected is attacks on the Pink Shirts ranging from M79 grenade attacks, to snipers to the Red Shirts attacking head on. At that point there will be little doubt that Thailand is in a civil war. Also one should not forget that this is part of Thaksin’s plan as well to cause anarchy.

To think that the violence will be localized to rally sites is wrong. With the Red Shirts parading around Bangkok like the Hitler Youth Group, conflicts will happen all over and at that point other countries will likely be advising their citizens in Thailand to leave the country for their own safety.

But before that point can be reached and to avoid even more damage to Thailand, the government and military must step in and put an end to the Red Shirts. It will not be a case of not hurting Thais at that point, it will be simply choosing the lesser of two evils. That means Thai people will die and not in small numbers.

Quoting the Nation;

About 5,000 pink-clad people, calling themselves “Civilians Protect the Country” gathered in front of the 11the Infantry Regiment, in the morning. They waved Thai national flags and calling for the authorities to act against anti-government protesters or red shirts.

Abhisit has been sleeping and working at the base for the past month, after the reds occupied key parts of the capital.

Tul Sittisomvong, a leader of the group, said they had submitted a letter to the government, asking for more action against terrorists and protesters who are not protesting peacefully.

“We also call for the army to support the government,” he told reporters. The new movement would hold daily two-hour evening rallies at Victory Monument to oppose the reds’ demand until the situation returned to nomalcy.

Bloody clashes between the red shirts and troops on April 10 protesters and security forces on Saturday left 23 people dead and more than 800 injured.

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