Thai political conflict too heated for talks

The standoff between the pro and anti Thaksin groups has become to heated to have effective talks. When situations like this happen, violence is unavoidable as history has shown.

Keeping in mind that the Red Shirt’s demands are all about satisfying Thaksin’s not wanting to wait, so the loss of life that has happened and the lives still that will be lost is really for nothing. Thaksin and the Red Shirts demand Parliament be dissolved will automatically happen at the end of this term. So buying about 18 months is what this is all about. So for that, it simply becomes foolish people risking their lives for a few flips of the calendar.

As for the desire to Restore the old Constitution, this too is meaningless. The 2007 Constitution does not allow for a replacement, only amendments. After what is being seen, nobody in their right mind would want to give Thaksin any more edge unless it served themselves as well. But even then it is a risk that must be carefully weighed by any self serving politician.

So the bottom line this is all about Thaksin wanting his way, and there is no compromise with a sick mind. The new stickers that suggest Thaksin will be the President of a new Thai state is much more real than propaganda, and that is another reason why talks will fail. The entire conflict is all about Thaksin and nothing to do with the Thai people directly. Sure some will benefit from Thaksin, but Thaksin’s track record is very clear about discarding people once their usefulness has ended for him. The moment Thaksin has absolute power, the people of Isaan will likely find themselves back were they were before the name Thaksin was ever heard as elections will be a thing of the past or resemble how elections were in Iraq when Saddam Hussein was President.

So ultimately there will be violence, and the chance of it returning will be significant as long as Thaksin still is free.

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