Thailand conflict tipping point passed

It has become very clear to all that Thaksin and his Red Shirt army leaders are forcing their own negative fate. It is very simply them against the rest of Thailand, and the clock has just run out on how long the rest will put up with them.

It is obvious now the Red Shirt leaders are forcing a suicide charge with the Red Shirt protesters. The military’s hand is being forced to act sooner than later. Violent confrontations are starting and the first flash point was near the corners of Rama 4 and Silom roads. Although a crackdown is expected very soon, the tipping point has been past and Thailand seems to be slipping into a civil war. People are taking matters into their own hand and confrontations have gone past verbal exchanges.

A significant event that signals the tipping point has been passed is the initiation of violence is not coming from the Red Shirts. For the most part up until now the Red shirts were the first to initiate violence and everyone else simply responded in defense. Being kept from making a living by the Red Shirts is going too far and the survival instinct of fight is clearly kicking in.

Quoting the Nation:

At 11:30 pm Wednesday, about 100 residents of Silom, Klong Toey and Thanon Tok areas threw things at red-shirt protesters.

About 100 people from the three neighborhoods gathered on the Silom Road near the Dusit Thani Hotel and exchanged abusive words with the red-shirt protesters at 11pm.

About half an hour later, they threw beer bottles, glasses and other things at the red-shirt protesters as well as firing slingshots at them.

The Bangkok residents tried to break through the line of police to clash with the red-shirt protesters who surged towards the Silom people as well.

The red-shirt people then threw two Molotov cocktails at Silom people, prompting them to retreat.

About 30 policemen tried to separate the two sides but the two sides kept on firing slingshots at each other, prompting police themselves to retreat to be stationed in the compound of the hotel.

This escalation is very serious and particularly so for Red Shirts traveling in small groups around Bangkok for whatever reason. The chances of them being attacked have just gone up significantly as they are no longer welcome. How members of the government were attacked in Isaan and the north is now likely to be the case with small numbers of Red shirts in Bangkok.

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