Thailand gap too big for self healing

It has become clear in the last several days that the gap in Thailand is too big to be bridged without third party help. Each side is as opposed to the opposite side one by facts with understanding the fallout of giving in and one by disinformation and ignoring or not understanding this is not the same Thaksin they remember.

Both sides are in the belief that they are right, but there are huge differences in the underlying reasons. Prime Minister Abhisit stands his ground because he is educated and sees the direction he is driving for will eventually help all Thais and the country as a whole. The Thaksin supporters no matter what color shirt they are wearing only are looking at self serving reasons and ignoring other Thais.

That alone puts much more weight behind Prime Minister Abhisit because ultimately he wants to help the Thaksin supporters too. However if Thaksin was to get back in power the total opposite would happen and he would simply punish the people who opposed him with anything from ignoring them to killing them depending on who they were.

So what it comes down to is the gap is cause by the Thaksin supporters not understanding the consequences of their desired direction. They still see the old Thaksin and who at one time was a plus for Thailand, but greed and mental illness have changed him. There is an entirely different mind that occupies Thaksin’s head and it does not take a doctor to see that, only an open mind and clear eyes.

It is this lack of seeing change in Thaksin that fuels the divide. Part of that is clouded by pro Thaksin propaganda and the lack of education to cut past it. It is this that must be pointed out by a third party that is seen to be free of bias. Even anti Thaksin Thais can fairly easily persuade pro Thaksin Thais by acknowledging that they too liked Thaksin at one time but they saw the changes in him and he is not the same man and has now evolved into something dangerous for all Thais. Then point out some obvious things like his obsessive behavior in returning to power and ignoring all laws no matter what country. Simply use the things that they can connect with and leave them to their thoughts to digest what was just said.

There is little doubt with a bombardment of opinions by respected professionals that stand outside the conflict looking in will start to clear some clouded eyes. Up to now it has only been the voices of Thais that have been heard and the occasional hit the nail on the head blog by a non Thai. It has come to the point that only one Thai voice will close the gap, but that voice must be clear and not vague to close the gap, and that is the voice of the King of Thailand.

Actions by other countries will also act as an unspoken voice by banning or arresting Thaksin, but no action simply widens the gap. So in short other countries are involved in Thailand’s conflict whether they want to be or not. So given that little reality to digest, their position of non involvement in politics of other countries is been negated by Thaksin, and that was one of his goals early on to involve everyone on the planet one way or another. Because of this they must now act decisively or continue to be involved in Thailand’s conflict.

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