Connecting the Dots 2 years on

It is hard to believe that Connecting the Dots is 2 years old today. If we had a mother she would be happy or properly pissed off depending on how much she likes shopping for bigger clothes because we have grown.

Looking back at our stats we were very pleased with the traffic we had 1 year ago. But since that time our traffic has gone up about 450% and we can now boast tens of thousands of unique visits a month from every corner of the planet. Google has decided to up our page ranking and some key sites have made us a staple. So this experiment that was just a bit of a novel idea in late March and early April 2008 seems to be here to stay.

It seems we have gotten to the point of needing to upgrade our hosting package before June at the rate we are going. We have used up 75% of our bandwidth and allocated disk space. Considering we never even thought we would need to do this we are surprised to say the least. But thanks to Google happily translating every entry into 40+ different languages, it adds up. So it was our decision not to delete old files and let them stay as an archive as many are still relevant, so that is part to blame for the pending upgrade.

Our niche remains accurate predictions and with our accuracy floating between 75% and 80% we can see why people come to visit. Between that and paining the bigger picture by connecting the dots, we have accumulated a loyal following from diplomats to the guys that check money return cups on payphones. Even some people on the run check in with us. But in general we see people who are generally concerned about what may happen and how that will possibly change their lives.

We have toyed with the idea of having a special section for people who may sign up to chat and have a forum type atmosphere and get a chance to pick Richard’s brain. However we have yet to find someone who will moderate that section for the fair union wage of beer and pizza. At some point we will enable the sign up feature for some private access, but as for when we are not sure.

For the coming year we have decided to take a look at what our readers want to know about. We get a lot of emails from readers looking to see what we know about other topics in other corners of the world, along with a fair amount of complements and the desire to meet Richard in person to see the face behind the keyboard. Unfortunately each entry takes time to research and compose, so we would need and love to have other writers who can cover other topics like politics and events in other countries. Unless that happens we will not be able to expand into new places.

As for Richard, he does get about and spends a fair amount of time far above the ground. So nailing him down is hard to do. So drop him an email if you need to know what is on his mind. The nice ones he will answer, the nasty ones he will post for all to see. As for Richard’s future targets, psychotic people with influence seems to be a good exciting area. There are more than a few countries with leaders who have less than stable emotional qualities.

So off we go and on to year 3, and if you want to take some of our popularity as your advertising tool, drop us a line.


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