Red Shirts seeking anger as civil war trigger

With a no way response from Thailand’s Prime Minister Abhisit on dissolving Parliament, the Red Shirts seemed to have re focused their attention on every person in Bangkok Thai or not looking to get them fighting mad. Their latest attempt at this has focused on stopping Bangkok’s primary delay free transportation artery that conveniently runs over and through their fortified so called rally site. The Bangkok Skytrain has now been designated a target.

Thrusting Bangkok into traffic nightmares of the 1990’s seems to be part of the plan. By stopping the Skytrain they have effectively pissed off 300,000 people in Bangkok who use it to get too and from work and general transportation for tourists. The only outcome of this is it will simply bring down the wrath of everyone in Bangkok Thai or not. Is seems ‘Hit me’ is what the Red Shirts are saying.

Quoting The Nation;

Traveling by skytrains is paralyzed Tuesday morning after a group of red shirts used tyres to block train tracks at Chidlom station, forcing the authority to suspend all services.

Skytrain authority is now negotiating with red shirts.

However red shirts leaders said on stage at Rajprasong rally site that the blocking is a decision by a group of red shirts, not by them.

At 5am, a group of red shirts carried tens of tyres and went up to Chidlom station. they then threw the typres onto the tracks.

The skytrain authority then ordered suspension of all skytrain services shortly before the scheduled openings at 6am.

There are a lot of people who wished to use skytrains to avoid traffic which is congested following heavy rains in early morning. They looked upset when learning that the services are suspended.

Skytrain executive Anat Apapirom said in an interview with a news programme on Tuesday morning that the red shirts also turned away security cameras at the station so that they would not capture their actions.

It is clear the Red Shirts are looking to start a civil war but do not want to be seen as throwing the first punch, but because of the blood bath of April 10 and shooting their own people, the first punch already may be decided.

So now attacking everyone in Bangkok seems to be their goal and bringing some sort of death wish onto themselves. The actions resemble a temper tantrum because they could not get what they want with Parliament being dissolved. Add to that nobody wants to talk to them anymore because their demands are way past reason and hopes of compromise. Tactically they seem to have blundered or more accurately a blunder in progress. The outcome of attacking the people in Bangkok directly is a whole different game and may be more than the Red Shirts can handle. Something on the order of 8,000,000 pissed off Thais to 50,000 Red Shirts is what they are playing with now as attacking the Skytrain hurts working Reds as well. Nothing like shooting your own again because you are angry.

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