Red Shirts worthless words

Call it a ‘Sucker punch’ or whatever, but when it comes to trusting what the Red Shirts say, it is best to error on the safe side and assume that what comes out of their mouths does not match their actions. There has been more times than any one person can easily remember that the Red shirts preyed on the kindness of others to do something they should not.

Connecting the Dots does not want to get in the habit of hunting down negatives. In fact if given the choice we would gladly overlook mistakes or if you prefer the word ‘lessons’ people experience in their lives. But when it comes down to consistent behavior that by all definitions is unacceptable and has genuine and not perceived negative effects on others, we have no problem in speaking up.

Some people go out of their way to be bad and or negative, and the Red Shirts as a whole have developed just that type of reputation. In general when the public of any culture sees people going out of their way to be negative, they are seen as ignorant and closed minded. Even some of the hate and White Supremacy groups in the USA such as the KKK are generally viewed as undereducated and ignorant because they lack the ability to accept others. In the case of the Red Shirts, their behavior is easily defined as very un-Thai like.

The Red Shirts have basically told lies to get people to drop their guard on more than one occasion. Sending 200 people into a hospital to hunt down the military is just wrong on so many levels. The people who are in hospital beds are sick and or nearing the final hours of life. To have a Red Shirt raid running amuck inside any hospital is disrespectful on all levels in all cultures. But that itself is a minor incident.

There has been on more than one occasion the Red Shirts have said we will not, but instead go ahead. The fact that The Skytrain is running on truncated hours and the military and police are stationed in force at Silom Road speak of that. In both case the Red Shirts have indicated that Silom and the Skytrain are not targets, but only the gullible actually believe it. Given the chance the Red Shirts simply will do whatever they want.

It has come to the point that force and depravation are about the only tools that will hold the Red Shirts to their word. With that said, it will require force and depravation to evict the Red Shirts from downtown Bangkok. They have chosen to act like their Icon Thaksin and ignore laws and other people to simply do what they want. In fact they do tend to remind you of some post apocalyptic Hollywood movies like “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” where humans have reverted to raw animal like behavior showing no signs of what we would call acceptable social behavior. That very simply is a subconscious impulsive read on the Red Shirts that nobody has to explain.

Many including Connecting the Dots have concluded that this is what Thailand would be like if Thaksin was ever to get back into power. The rights of other people would be overridden if that is what anyone in Thaksin’s army wanted. That behavior would eventually deteriorate into behavior like the Taliban, of that there is little doubt.

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