Red Shirt’s response like compass

Thailand’s prime Minister Abhisit has made what can be only called a sincere offer that may set the path for Thailand’s future. The answer back from the Red Shirts will be a tell all, and many already have a gut feeling what that will be.

A few points to remember on this is the Red Shirts actually have no say. It will be Thaksin making the call to accept or reject the offer. Abhisit along with everyone in the Thai government knows this. So if the answer received will be yes OK, and that will be a first for Thaksin to make any type of compromise. Or no and that will mean more blood and suffering.

With the some elements in the Red Shirt’s spoiling for a fight while others are measuring their options for places to hide once their occupation of downtown Bangkok ends, it is becoming clear that there will be big losers on both sides.

Abhisit is making an offer based on the knowingly flawed assumption that the other side will play by the rules. There is little doubt that his offer will be twisted around with Red Shirt propaganda to make it look much less than it is. The list of tricks is way too long and we will save it for another entry.

The Red shirts look to lose because Abhisit has been consistent on the law applying to all, and the Red shirts have committed some very serious crimes that are well worthy of the death penalty. Once again the list is way too long and will be saved for another day.

One Response to Red Shirt’s response like compass

  1. Let’s hope that both sides can come to some agreement that will not only solve the short-term issue, but hopefully pave the way for a smoother future.

    While the PM’s olive branch is a very good gesture in that way, he has offered something that he does not have the authority to offer; an election by Mid-November. As of this writing he has not reached out to the Election Commission and discussed with them and it is this group that is authorized to make such a decision. I’m sure they also would like the country to move forward and will make every effort to do so. What the PM can do is offer a definitive dissollution date.

    This is a very good offer that if the Reds truly want to avoid bloodshed should agree to assuming details are worked out.

    To me, the wild card now becomes the Yellow Shirts. They will not be very happy with this, so does the entire charade start again? My inclination is that yes, they will now rise from the ashes (whether now or November or soon after the elections) as they have shown that they do not really want democracy as much as they want to hold on the status quo and protect their wealth and status.