Godlike politicians

It is becoming increasingly difficult not to roll your eyes when you hear about some of the standards politicians must meet in order to get elected and stay in office. There is even some legitimate doubt if a God would meet some of those standards.

For the average Joe or Jane political correctness not only makes their life miserable, it also strips their dignity by implying they are child like and can not deal with adult language or situations. As a result when a person looks to do what they want they are attacked an shunned for saying or doing things the so called weak minded could not tolerate.

So if we take a look at Greek mythology we see the Gods of Olympus had their fair share of things that would not stand up to the absurdly strict scrutiny politicians must meet. Starting off with Aphrodite the goddess of love. Seeing is that likenesses of her show her topless and for the most part ready for a romp with one or more at the same time would have the politically correct choking on their breakfast. The fact that she was married and had many lovers would most certainly be politically incorrect. So if this is what a God does who are we to question it. Implying that a politician may actually be human and enjoy sex or even be flirtatious is beyond the tolerance of political correctness.

Dionysus the God of wine, parties and festivals, madness, drunkenness and pleasure would most certainly fall way short of being politically correct. Anything more than 1 beer would be seen as politically incorrect as Political correctness most certainly targets fun as being wrong. So politicians who like to have more than one drink must do so only in private so as not to damage the public facade that only serves to keep the politically correct hunters at bay.

Ares the God of war, bloodlust, violence, manly courage, and civil order. Well it is clear political correctness strips dignity and manly courage so there is little doubt the hounds of political correctness would be hot on his case looking to tame him. Going after Ares would most certainly be seen as a prize trophy especially seeing that he was regularly shagging Aphrodite.

So when you take a good look at politicians, you may either see a castrated male or the female equal. They absolutely have no hint of being human and are simply hollow shells that speak only about political things. US President Barack Obama seems to be the exception and that is yet another reason he is so popular. His political foes are the castrated politically correct robots. Those politically correct robots for those who have not noticed have completely lost touch with the people that they represent. No doubt fallout from that castration and connection to humanity. Perhaps the self serving political positions they have been taking is just an attempt to get their balls and dignity back.

This is how the Gods of Olympus were seen being self serving and uncaring of the mortals. There certainly is some sort of fuzzy logic connection here where is if a person ceases to be human, they also cease to care about humans. That is most certainly how American politicians seem to be acting thanks to political correctness stripping them of human actions and desires.

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