Thailand’s acceptance in global community Part 1

In the global community of nations, there are some that have few friends, and some that have many. In the case of Thailand, the list of friends is not as long as some would like, and that is evident when it comes to tracking down and nailing down a certain convicted high profile fugitive.

This post is not meant to be positive or negative, but simply to generate some thought as to why things seem to happen as they do. So we will simply highlight some things that may stir a few debates.

Looking at the global community of nations as if each nation was a person, it is fairly easy to see that there is a social structure between countries. Some are well respected by many and that translates into a higher tier. They offer things to other countries that are of value, and they pay their bills.

Then there are countries that for the most part are poor but have the right personality. Then there are other countries that are bullies and threaten other countries. And then there are countries that should be on psychiatric medication.

Some place in the middle of this is Thailand. What they offer to the global community in general is a good place to have a holiday, and top notch rice. Outside of that there are few things Thailand has to offer that the average Joe can quickly identify off the top of his head.

As each countries personality is directly related to the government in power, their social standing can change very quickly. A perfect example is the USA. President George W. Bush came across as an arrogant fool who was sleeping with big oil and ignored Mother Earth crying for help. Then Suddenly President Obama came on the scene and everyone’s opinion changed almost overnight about the USA.

Then there is also the consideration that the USA would like to see all countries have a democracy, and that is for the most part American and a tad arrogant. Viewing the rest of the world from inside the USA, it is very easy to say that. But any American who lives in another country for more than a few years and is not living in an isolation tank will change their views as they discover not every country is ready for democracy. There are certain prerequisites the people of a country must have for that to work.

Governments that ruled with force did so for a reason. Saddam Hussein proved that fact beyond any doubt. Once he was gone simply all hell broke loose in Iraq. The general population was fragmented into groups that simply did not tolerate each other and resorted to killing each other.

There are other countries that the education has been tainted with rewritten history and look to censor news and information. This all leads to making it difficult to form a democracy as democracy is generally based on freedom of choice. So countries that censor or otherwise block news, the Internet, and spread propaganda are looked at in a much lesser status than a country that lets free information flow. As a result they have far lesser pull when asking another country to help them out be it a legitimate reason or self serving.

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One Response to Thailand’s acceptance in global community Part 1

  1. Re: Obama,

    I wonder what the USA and the world will think of Obama’s muted reaction to the BP oil spill in the Gulf. The Obama administration response was to launch a commission to do a study and come back with a report in 6 months. How bad will the damage be then?

    Ironic that you paint Bush as the big oil lapdog (true) when Obama will end up owning this tar baby.