Thailand’s political turmoil on pause Part 2

It has been a little over a month since we started this periodic series, and already there are signs the name “Thailand’s political turmoil on pause” is absolutely correct. There is a battle shaping up between those who want conflict and those who do not.

Prime Minister Abhisit’s road-map to reconciliation seems to be the focal point on one team, while Thaksin’s dividing wedge is on the other. They clearly will be the point positions on both teams. With the vast majority of Thais tired of politics, self serving politicians, political violence and the other negatives associated with this, Abhisit has the edge as he too falls in that group.

Thaksin has started straight in by saying he does not agree with the plan, but that was completely expected. He through is spokesman suggested peace talks, but the Thai government effectively countered by pointing out that Thaksin’s words do not match his actions. There have even been critics saying that the road-map is meant to boost the popularity of the democratic party. But in reality that is a very selfish position. Seeing that negative comment came from Thaksin’s party the Pheu Thai Party (PTP), it all makes sense why it is selfish.

Looking at it from the PTP view point, it simply says what they can not come to vocalize. That simply is the methods of the PTP are not popular, nor are they tasteful. The reputation of pro Thaksin elements be it the Red Shirts, the PTP or his paid spokesmen is they are chronic liars. So the attempt to re-market the road-map as a political tool looks to be about the only way they can attempt to stop it without looking like war mongers or the chronic liars that they are.

The question remains if that will be a successful approach or not. The road-map addresses the concerns of double standards along with many of the other points the Red Shirts used to rally people. So to suddenly stand in the way of their goal (again) will probably discredit them even more making the Red Shirt people feel used by the Red Shirt leaders. In a way trying to stand in the way of what the majority of Thai people want is a bit of a poison pill.

There are a lot of reasons why the road-map principals will succeed, and each one has a name and Sir name. The fact that the road-map is taking Thaksin’s own weapon and is using it against him simply means the same weapon stealing can be used again and again if they are in the common interests of the Thai people. That leaves Thaksin with only garbage self serving reasons that he can use. The massive display of seeking a royal pardon was one such example. But even that imploded as the time involved in checking the names made it absurd, not to mention the prerequisite of being in jail was never met.

So as this is a periodic series, we will have more to point out later as the battle that is trying to not look like a battle continues.

Part of a periodic series.

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