Thailand’s unsung seeker of truth

She is to Thailand what Dr. Henry Lee is to the USA. Devoted to the facts of forensic science, and ready to put anyone in their place with a demonstration if needed.

Khunying Dr Porntip Rojanasunan has become a hero behind the scenes. Her work and findings are difficult to challenge as some have found out. She does not care if the challenging  person is a General, powerful politician, or the police. She will not argue with them, she will simply offer a demonstration that the findings are impossible to deny.

One such example had to do with the death of a protester. Her findings found that an exploding tear gas canister at close range can be lethal. A politician challenged her findings. So she offer to use that politician as a test subject to demonstrate one way or the other. Needless to say that politician quickly stood down from the claim she was wrong.

This approach itself is extremely admirable. There is no argument or confrontation between her and whoever. In either case science and facts will demonstrate the truth. If you say you can hold on to an exploding grenade without getting hurt, then please show me and don’t tell me.  So in short it is foolish to challenge her findings because she will call them out to prove it. People who do are simply playing in her court and not theirs, and we all know about the home court advantage.

Using science she has become politically bullet proof, bully proof and most of all highly respected. Because of that Connecting the Dots awards her the shining star. She quickly cuts past lies and propaganda to find the truth at a time when Thailand needs it the most.

One Response to Thailand’s unsung seeker of truth

  1. I wonder if she can help do the ballistic analysis of the shooting of Seh Daeng, which still seems to be lacking!