Religion is religion sex is sex Part 2

So as religions try to tell people what to do sexually, they tend to cause a significant amount of problems in peoples lives. Their conflicts with what nature is driving people to do can eventually put people in therapy depending on how strong or weak willed that person is.

In part 1 we talked about the variety of differing rules and regulations religions impose on their followers. The point is religions are not qualified to discuss or impose sexual behaviors on people. This simply results in the need for counseling or therapy with a person who is qualified in sexual issues to get the mess out of their heads religion put there.

All religions of today are man made. The rules and regulations were written by one or more men years ago. The Bible along with its equal counter parts in other religions were written by men based on their beliefs of the time, and by no means were they experts on sex. The fallout of that is very obvious today. Considering that homosexuality is cause by a persons genetic makeup and not elective behavior is a blatant example of how wrong religions are about sex. They set about punishing people who are gay one way or another. Religious laws against sodomy are just one such example.

To summarize this, sex is an act of nature plain and simple. It is tied to the purpose of life being make more life. Every living thing on this planet sets about making copies of itself via sex. Sexual attraction is not elective and anyone saying it is needs to be seeing a therapist.

Religions simply refuse to see this and look to impose sexual restrictions, and this simply messes people up. They feel guilty and sinful because natures desires are in conflict with their religion.

But when you look back in time, religions were a way of bringing order to society. Governments were weak but religions were strong so they essentially acted as a government. And with the wisdom of that era it made all the sense in the world. But life expectancies were much shorter back then so early sexual activity was needed to insure survival of the human race. Very few people made it to 50 years old. All it took was one infection at any age and a new grave was being dug or a funeral fire was being lit. So getting pregnant at 14 and having the community help raise the child was how things were back then.

Unfortunately that formula does not fit in today’s world. There are significant conflicts and particularly so after birth control was made available. The fear of unwanted pregnancy was the thing that kept sexual behavior in check. Once the cause of that fear was neutralized with ‘The Pill’, nature took over.

So all that remained was religions trying to bestow fear. The only religion today that actively enforces religious rules with a form of violence is the Muslim faith. Other religions were and are content with giving people a guilt trip to control sexual behavior. But to date there is no solid proof that any of the burn in hell scenarios religions suggest are true. After all other species on the planet do it all the time, so why can’t humans.

So that does make you think twice about someone trying to tell you your natural sexual desires are wrong based on religious beliefs. It is the person that is telling you that who has a problem, and not you. They have simply listened to people about sex who are not qualified and have yet to sort that out. Nobody should be punished for being human.

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