Thailand’s political unrest the Alpha factor Part 4

As Alpha visual qualities are so important in Thailand, it becomes easy to forget the qualities of achievement. No matter how much good was done in the past, being an Alpha is all about today and not yesterday.

In the situation that is shaping up to be both pro and anti Monarchy in Thailand, the Alpha qualities are required to muster the masses into any camp. As much as humans would like to deny it, nature still plays a significant role in our social structure. As the number of Alphas is relatively few in nature, battles are often between Alphas for control. In this case it is Abhisit against Thaksin. Although Thaksin’s attacks have been by surrogate, they have been effective to some degree.

Many of the people who fight on Thaksin’s side lack significant intellectual qualities that has lead to their demise. The most recent example was the pro Thaksin Red Shirt leaders should have taken what Prime Minister Abhisit offered in that small window of time in May. But greed took over and miscalculations of their strength lead to their downfall. To put it in nature’s terms, you can not fake being an Alpha. Although the Red Shirts make all the Alpha noises, they lack the intellect to keep any gains and rely on Thaksin to make the decisions. They only serve as Thaksin’s brawn.

Another one of the key factors that has fueled this battle is silence from the King. As many Thais are looking to the King to enter and bring to end the unrest, some lessons in nature must be learned the hard way if the easy lessons have not sunk in. So no matter what the King does or does not do to quell the political unrest, the Thai people will eventually sort themselves out. The difference between the easy lesson and the hard lesson is the number of self inflicted wounds. But in the world of Alpha, silence is seen as weakness and in this case it adds fuel to Thaksin’s Alpha status.

To pick up the slack from that silence, the military and the government have taken a more physical assertiveness to counter the physical assertiveness of Thaksin’s Red Shirts. Because it is essentially the job of the military and government to protect King and country from any and all that would seek to bring harm, they are not surrogates as the Red Shirts are to Thaksin. The properly named Royal Thai Army says it all, in that they are the muscle of the King and not necessarily the muscle of the government as the Thaksin team implies.

There is room for debate about this looking at the long line of coups Thailand has had, but in the present tense situation, they fight for King and country.

As for Prime Minister Abhisit’s physical appearance, he comes across not as aggressive looking as some of his counter parts from other countries or Thai predecessors. He comes across as a well dressed attractive and educated man, and that only scores Alpha points with similar people. Seeing that the bulk of Thaksin supporters have a very low educational attainment and do physical labor to make a living, the Alpha connection is not made and once again Thaksin becomes the choice on the visual comparison.

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