Fat people

There it is right in your face, calling fat people fat. Trauma, tears, being upset that someone spoke the obvious that they were fat. But political correctness promptly smoothed that over so people would not be upset. At the same time political correctness removed a very key motivator to lose the fat.

From time to time it is necessary to be blunt and to the point, and with the number of fat Americans waddling about, it seems some in your face medicine is long over due. At the moment it seems politically correct to blame being overweight on any number of medical reasons. It runs in the family or there is something about my DNA that makes me fat is the wonderful cop out that somehow makes it OK. The fact is it is the American lifestyle and the wonderful technology that replaces the need to get involved in some form of physical activity.

From about 1950 with the invention of the TV dinner that took all the fuss out of eating, the need for physical activity was being replaced with convenience. The ultimate fat machine is the Segway that simply eliminates the need to walk.

Perhaps someone will invent a machine that automatically produces the movement for sexual intercourse to take that bit of physical activity away as well.  Well don’t laugh, it has been invented and can be found and purchased on the Internet.

Connecting the Dots wants to stay focused on the harm political correctness is doing. So if removing political correctness acts like pruning shears and starts to reduce the 250,000,000 cubic feet of fat that Americans are lugging about everyday, and reduce health care costs while increasing longevity, then do a fat person a favor and call them fat.

Political correctness is much more than an annoyance, in fact the negatives associated with political correctness outweigh the positives if in fact there are any positives. So far we have seen political correctness make a complete mess out of just about everything it touches. In fact political correctness is even putting a drain on people’s wallets, so it makes all the sense in the world to give it a toss and go back to being normal. It seems it is the patriotic thing to do to save America and give the vastly unwanted political correctness a boot. The day is coming when everyone will need to be tough to survive in this warming world, so best start training now and get rid of the fat.

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