Wrongly convicted Part 3

What could be called a crime against the accused, but people who are influenced financially to see people convicted is a reality. There are some cases that seem small in severity, but the revenues that can be made from a large number of them is significant.

Money can be a factor in all aspects of life. Some smart people can be paid to be stupid if they accept that is part of their job. So if people can be paid to be stupid, then money is a factor that must be completely removed from the justice system. There can be no financial influence at all or it simply acts like a magnet influencing its surroundings.

When you take into consideration law enforcement like the police, each community has its own private police force. Because of that there is no standard on how promotions are handled or how the police are funded. Some communities use the police as a source of revenue. They set quotas for the number of traffic tickets that must be issued in any given month. Statistically they are easy to spot on paper by an inverted bell curve with more traffic tickets issued at the start and end of the month.

On the promotion side, some communities assign a point system for arrests. For example a felony arrest has more points than a misdemeanor. A system like this encourages self serving arrests as a financial incentive exists via promotion. If the accused does not have the financial resources for a lawyer, they often enter a guilty plea for financial reasons. Ironically the prosecutors play into this because the cases are weak and they often continue the case as they hunt for more solid evidence.

Continuing the case is done in the court with the accused and their lawyer present. Each time that happens the accused must pay their lawyer to be there even if they only agree on a new date often one or two weeks away. In short that all adds up and does not even count the time and wages missed from work. When you take this into consideration, it could be classified loosely as a form of police corruption because it is so difficult to prove and because of the nature of how it works so well with the justice system. Human error can very easily be cited on the part of the police.

Where such is the case, people far removed from the accused are influencing the justice system. The courts look to avoid this and have in the past given orders to overturn convictions and order a retrial. However the problem is evidence must be given as the court almost never acts on unsupported accusations. What that means is the chances are better at hitting the lottery.

Although these flaws do exist, the advancement of technology is gradually correcting the flaws as the human fuel is being replaced with easy to understand test results. It will be a while and perhaps past the lifetime of many before the justice system can be free of the human flaw.

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