The convincer leaves little doubt

It was not that long ago Connecting the Dots talked about the opening shots nature is taking at humanity for causing global warming. But as par for the global warming predictions being too little and too late, we were totally taken by the numbers of dead and the millions affected. The scarey part, this is just the beginning.

It is hard to know where to start, Pakistan, India, China, Russia are all taking major hits. Mud slides, torrential rain, floods, fire, smoke. That is just Asia. In North America a relentless heat wave is baking crops. Seeing we just listed the three most populous countries being China, India and The USA, throw in the other countries and that means countries that represents 1/3 of the global population are already in the mix.

It would seem that if this were a movie, this would be the part where the person who saved money by cutting corners suddenly faces the reality that they messed up big time and unleashed a disaster. That is not too far off what just happened with the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Based on what is going on, one could easily say some of what is going on could meet biblical scale.

Using very rough fuzzy math, about 10 million people are experiencing life challenging conditions that have just started during the past 2 months. Of that 10 million about 1 million are experiencing life threatening conditions, meaning no food or water or the high threat of disease associated with disasters.

There is no doubt this is part of global warming as the scientists and related professionals associated with climate did predict the general weather in the areas. Because of that Connecting the Dots will once again tickle your deep thinking process about your long term family plans, and in particular having children. This is just the appetizer that mother nature is dishing up, and already millions of acres of crops have been destroyed in the past few months in the areas being effected by the extreme conditions. That means that many people who are still surviving in the hardest hit areas are already walking dead. That certainly is a horrific comment but essentially true. So the ethical question is do you want your unborn children to live in a world like this. Potential parents must weigh this question, and that is a first for us. Never forget that the first domino that has lead to global warming is our population.

When nature does it thing the numbers are always big. 222,000 dead in Haiti, but that is not part of global warming. Nor is the 2004 tsunami with 230,000 dead. But digging back in history you can find in 1931 floods in China killed between 1.0 and 2.5 million people. Seeing the global population was about 2.0 billion back then, it is fair to assume the number of deaths can be doubled or tripled if that disaster happened today. That one event reduced the global population by roughly 10%. So if you look at 10% today that is the USA, Indonesia and Brazil combined or twice the USA population.

With that thought, that was a single event that may be seen as a 500 year event. Based on what we are seeing now, significant weather events are now coming at a rate of 10 to 1. Meaning what happened every 100 years now will happen every 10 years. What that simply means is survival of the fittest will be seen on a global scale and in places we would never expect.

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