US Iraq pullout conflicting opinions

When you listen to all that is being said about the US military pullout of Iraq, and in particular who is saying what, it becomes crystal clear that the decisions were based on politics and not on the truths of the situation. As a result this could very quickly become a very public reality check for US President Barack Obama.

The American media has provided significant coverage with interviews and comments with Iraqi people to hear their views and feelings. Although the US is a government other than their own, they feel the US should stay behind in a combat capacity and not just in a logistic capacity. There is a genuine concern that the Iraqi forces do not yet have enough discipline to carry out the tasks. All too frequently they seem to relax when the top brass is not looking.

As for the 50,000 Americans that are staying behind in a non combat support capacity, that may not be the actual outcome. According to history when this scenario was done in the past, there was plenty of times and almost on a daily basis that they were forced to return fire against an enemy assault. What that probably means is although a laptop computer may be their primary tool, their loaded M16 is probably arms reach away.

But this decision is not totally one sided, and politicians from both countries set this date some time back. Because it was set by politicians and not by the military, it is clear that some or all of the decision was based on personal political gains. That should become more obvious in the coming weeks. The US generals involved in this have subtly putout a disclaimer that will not get them fired, but it does point to the reality politicians are trying to hide from the public.

The wikileaks issue in actuality is more politically damaging than anything else simply because it penetrates the politically correct bubble and exposes Americans to what the real world is like. If you believe the US playing down the type of material as non critical, and suddenly look at the smear campaign being mounted against the wikileaks founder for sexual assault (that has just backfired), there is an undeniable political connection. Sexual assault cases almost always turn into a witch hunt damaging the accused person’s reputation. But in this case when the prosecutors withdrew the arrest warrant just hours after it was issued simply leads people to conclude that there was never any sexual assault and dirty tricks are afoot. Apparently the prerequisite for sexual assault is sex in some form between the accuser and the accused.

This all brings us full circle and unfortunate as it is, we must suggest that you get some popcorn and sit back and watch. This looks to be as entertaining as watching someone walk just a bit too far on hot coals and making a mad dash for a bucket of cold water to stand in to stop the cooking process of their feet.

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