Need for green energy urgent

With big indicators saying the US economy may stall and do a double dip, and just about every place you look the economy looks like a country fair’s tractor pulling contest, the answer is becoming painfully obvious. The simple fact is due to political decisions of President George Bush, America is 6 to 8 years behind in technology and implementation of green energy.

There is a saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In this case it is looking more and more like more than a pound will be needed. Simply put people are putting way too much of their budget into the purchase of energy.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that some unknown factors played into this. Those factors are for the most part invisible until it is too late. That unknown was just how much cushion money each family had. That information is impossible to track unless every sale from a stick of gum to a major household appliance is in some data base. Few people are willing to disclose that much information anyway. How much beer money a person has is nobody’s business.

So that leaves very few options and injecting money into an economy with a big leak in the tank is not the way to go. The answer lies in taking the people who are pricing oil out of the loop. The use of dart and Ouija boards to set the price of oil has to stop. This is no joke as they simply are like idiots playing grenade hockey.

As one of the US big strengths is manufacturing, it seems that putting everyone to work building wind turbines and other such green gadgets will be killing four birds with one stone. It will put people to work while reducing the dependence on oil. Doing this on a national scale seems the only plausible answer as pouring money in will cause a repeat performance and perhaps doom the country to bankruptcy.

The other stimulus money not spent can be redirected to assist in this tool up. Looking at how America rose to the manufacturing challenge for World War II, it can most certainly be done again.

The complainers saying wind turbines will ruin how things look will just have to stuff a rag in their mouths as this is a matter of national survival. There were clothes hanging in every back yard in the 1950’s, so now there will be wind turbines at every house or community wind farm. Esthetics will have to take a back seat in this case. That can all be fixed later thus creating even more jobs in the second half of this decade.

  • Immediate manufacturing jobs sustainable for 3 to 5 years.
  • Reduces oil demand and thus prices.
  • Boost to the economy generating tax revenue.
  • Reduces global warming contributing factors.

This seems the only answer short of artificially lowering the price of oil to under $50.00 per barrel, but that treats the effect and not the cause. There is a clear need to do this, and the more you think about it, the more it seems the only answer at this point. So simply the government must place orders across the country as primary buyer, and then work on getting the money back with taxes later in the economic game. That should not be much of a problem as the price of oil will have dropped as well by then if they can still find oil that is. Even a Ouija board can point that out without that much problem at all.

One Response to Need for green energy urgent

  1. roger cummings says:

    Need for green energy urgent by Richard….I truely believe he is writing for his 5th grade social studies class…..wind will produce about 1 % of the US needs and low and behold all windmills are being built in China and shipped to the US…..sorry about that Richard but no manufacturing jobs in US for wind turbines….in fact very little manufacturing jobs in the US in 2010. Green is a state of mind that was generated and promoted by the media and a few wealthy people wanting more wealth . Just a global warming is a result of nature and has been going up and down for thousands of years.