Our top 10 list

Seeing that we have just competed our first 1000 posts, several of our readers thought it would be entirely appropriate to do a top 10 ten list. After all David Letterman does it all the time, so why not we thought.

This is not something we plan to do very often. We figure once every 1000 posts should be enough unless we get lazy on doing research. So top 10 or if you prefer the top 1% of the fruits of our labor. The posts will be in chronological order as we feel none is truly better than the other. Some of the factors we used to select the posts were number of visits. The other factor we are considering is how relevant they are today and that they have passed the test of time.


Starting off way back with our first entry on April 26, 2008 we started with “Global Warming and the very real Food Shortage”. This was our first entry ever and the publish button was pressed at 4:41 pm Bangkok time. That attracted a grand total of 36 visits for the entire day. Today we are seeing 2472 unique visitors per day. This entry is important as it is just as true today as it was back then. Looking at millions of acres of crops being swept away in floods in Asia, it clearly makes the list.


Next up is “Hormones in food causing adolescent menstruation in Thailand”. That entry was July 12, 2008. This story has suddenly come racing back to the news because very high numbers of girls as young as the age of 7 have started puberty. Seeing that is roughly 3 yo 4 years premature, it is a health and apparent mental health concern as well. A very recent report on NBC nightly news highlighted this.


Next is “United States Government Chain of command”. Although at first glance you would not think this was a very big getter. But the reality is people simply do not know the correct term to Google. Several answer sites have listed this entry as first pick. Because this entry was written on October 5, 2008 just before the November 2008 elections, we have decided to rewrite it and republish it in a less time specific format.


Modern day Witch hunts” is the next on the list. That was published October 30, 2008. This one stands the test of time simply because we need someone to blame, even if they are the wrong person. The sense of closure is needed. This is a very good read and unfortunately still alive and well in today’s world.


Oil prices not following market rules” was another post that got a lot of attention. It seems more and more people were taking notice that there were clear signs the people regulating the price of oil were looking way too far ahead and pricing was often based on things that never came to be.  That one was published June 9, 2009.


Muslims building new face” attracted a lot of traffic from the Muslim world as good news and good feelings about the Muslim religion as a whole is in short supply in today’s world. Little more can be said than each person must be judged on their own merits. That was published on July 12, 2009


Michael Jackson in death shows us the man in the mirror” was and still is a very popular entry that has regular visits. That was published on July 14, 2009. This entry drove the point home that we caused his death. This was published before the autopsy reports were done. Later they  showed he was taking heavy duty medications to sleep just to deal with the stress we put him under. Unfortunate as it is this entry shows we have a long way to go as a species as collectively we administered his fatal dose. Too bad he did not seek Hypnotherapy. If he did he would be on tour now.


Oil prices cause anemic economic recovery” published on May 4, 2010 also was a very popular entry. Highlighting the clear link that politicians would like to forget about made this post very popular.


We are not in control of our lives” hit a raw nerve with many readers. The thought that we are not in control generated a lot of anger that was already properly targeted at the people who see the rest of us as some sub species. That was published on June 30, 2010.


Muslim religion proving anti Muslim views right” also had a lot of visits and still does. the simple thoughts people have many call gut feelings are starting to emerge as being true despite what we are being told by others who wish for us to think different. That was published July 7, 2010.

After looking at this we are seeing that political posts do not make the cut of time and tend to be more like a zit that needs attention. You deal with it then it goes away. However the post that reflect human nature and our blunders seem to prevail. That will not stop what we write about, but it does give us some thought about what people like to read.

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