Thaksin image make-over up shifts

An interesting set of events are rapidly unfolding in Thailand. But when you step back and look at the common focal point, it all comes back to a make-over for Thaksin, and there is more than one reason for that.

Facing the facts of the fallout of trying to burn down Bangkok and parts of Thailand, it is clear Thaksin has reevaluated the path he is on and it looks to him like he is following behind a pack of dogs with diarrhea. It is very clear to him he needs a major make-over as the majority of the who’s who crowd see him as a villain and not a hero.

There is one thought in Thaksin’s mind that is driving him to this change, and that is if he can be good somehow he will be forgiven for the rest. There are also political driving factors as well. It seems unlikely Thaksin will be successful in mounting another physical attack in the time before the next elections, and the chronological benefits are clearly outweighed by both the financial and personal image costs.

It also seems the Red Shirts are doing their best to cling to Thaksin, but their image has been severely damaged not only in Thailand, but globally as well. It seems some of the things they are trying to do may not be sanctioned by Thaksin, but he can not stop them if they are footing the bill themselves. It almost seems they are trying to prove they are still worthy to Thaksin. But for Thaksin to be successful in his make-over, the Red Shirts must go at least in name.

Prime Minister Abhisit has already called Thaksin’s bluff by challenging him to actions and not words looking to put a stamp of faulty merchandise on Thaksin if he only talks. Either way it will be positive for Abhisit no matter what Thaksin does.

Thaksin’s move is also looking way ahead to the elect ability of the Pheu Thai Party (PTP) in the next election. Looking at their terrible showing in the local Bangkok elections in late August where they got properly trounced on, and the New Politics Party (NPP) coming up empty, it is clear to Thaksin he must do something or face the fate of a music artist who has not had a hit song in a while and falls off the charts into the realm of memories.

But with all that up in the public eye, it is not to be forgotten that Thaksin is a multitasker. There are still violent plans out of public view that clearly look to take out his political opponents by way of funeral. That is reflected in the increased security around Bangkok, but then again that may just be a psychological ploy to add support for keeping the State of Emergency in place.

Connecting the Dots has not spotted any significant reasons other than to stop the Red Shirts from festering up again in Bangkok and passively harming Thailand’s tourism industry as the next high season nears.

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