Sex therapy fact or farce Part 3

The other side of sex therapy has to do with ability. If the desire is there but the horse will not come out of the barn, then seeking some form of sex therapy is the right thing to do.

As the brain is the primary sex organ, seeing to its health is an important part of sex therapy. That simply must be done without the use of drugs or other so called medications. Drugs or medications have too many side effects and actually reduce the effectiveness of any sex therapy. External stress and anxiety elements must be dealt with. For example if 80% of the problem is in the persons head, then 80% improvement can be expected. The other 20% may be a physical problem as a result of smoking, and that requires medication that works between the legs and not between the ears.

For the most part it seems that smokers will eventually need some assist from medications like Viagra as the smoking causes physical damage that limits the blood flow needed for sexual activity. 90% of the people that need truly Viagra are smokers or ex-smokers. The other 10% comes from other reasons.

Our sex drive is rooted in our subconscious as well as being part of our instincts. Only a very small part of our sex drive is cognitive. Because of that proper sex therapy needs to work were the problem is, and that is the subconscious and the physical body.

There are a variety of simple tests men can do themselves to help zero in on the problem. Perhaps the most simple is call a Snap test. Simply they put a ring of postage stamps around their penis when they go to sleep. The stamps must be the type you need to wet and not have self adhesive. If an erection happens while they are sleeping the ring will have split. If that happens it indicates the problem is between the ears and that is the direction therapy should take. If the stamps do not split then the problem may be physical. The test should be done several nights in a row as fatigue or illness can change the results.

For women who have sexual problems, the problems are often related to emotions. Perhaps a past sexual assault or some negative experience has not achieve closure. In that case that also becomes part of sex therapy as bringing closure to that also must be done without the use of drugs or medications. If physical pain is a problem, then seeing a medical doctor would be the first step before seeking sex therapy.

The other sexual problem men have is premature ejaculation, and for the most part that is 100% between the ears. There is absolutely no need for creams that dull sensation. All that is needed is a visit to a hypnotherapist who specializes in sexual issues, and results are almost immediate.

That brings us to the type of sex therapists and therapies. Most men simply start off by seeking Viagra or other such medication. If that is successful then there is little need to look further.

If looking further is needed, and the problem seems to be mostly between the ears, then a hypnotherapist who deals with sexual issues is by far the best choice for cost and time needed. Unfortunately even with the snap test, having a hypnotherapist give you the needed hypnotic suggestions is money spent wisely. The results will be seen very quickly. Spending time with counseling is a long and expensive process when compared to hypnotherapy. Usually hypnotherapy can be completed in 6 weeks and not 6 months as other methods need.

If there is physical damage then seeing a urologist is advised. They know best on how to deal with physical damage and can explain the options.

So in closing sex therapy is real, and you have a variety of choices. Sex therapy to reduce a persons sex drive can easily be seen as unethical if there is negative consequences that go beyond sex and have negative effects in other areas such as the ability to bring money home. In that case it is best to simply find a partner who can keep up as nature intended.

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