Blocked and controlled

We can’t say exactly what we want to say is the first bit of news because of certain keywords. But that itself becomes the topic of this burning story that is most certainly worth a moment of your time to read.

Typically at Connecting the Dots we monitor our traffic. For the most part things are fairly consistent with the usual peeks and valleys during the day. Sunday is always a bit slow but tends to pickup late in the day. We also see what pages are visited and all the other usual statistics. But one thing stood out this month and for the most part it differed from the norm. What should have been the hottest topic on the planet according to the news, only appeared to be a very dim bulb on our report. In fact it did not even make the top 20 when it should have been in the top 5. So all we can say is it simply looked like selective news harvesting.

So because we do not want to mention the key word or words, you will need to play a bit of 20 questions to know what we are talking about. But because we know your time is important, we will try to keep it to 3 questions. Just look back a bit at the entries on 12, 15, and 18 of this month, and you should quickly connect your own dots as to what the key words are.

Seeing that the entries did show up on our RSS feed list we know they were read. But it appears search engines were instructed not to find the pages. So if you don’t know it is there, then there is nothing to miss.

So asides from that, you can start to put together in your mind just what is going on. Every effort was being made by one or more countries (and you can take a wild guess and probably be right) to keep all news and comments about this topic off the internet. Now that is not to say they are wrong in doing that considering how the other group was acting, but it does point to some concerning issues. This block would have had to been global as we get visits from all over the planet.

Seeing that this months projected visits is expected to be about 92% of last months, you can see that this is significant. The off days this month match exactly the days mentioned in the third paragraph of this entry. Correct for that and our numbers this month would have been higher than last month by about 2%.

So with that said, we don’t want to plant our ideas into your head, we just would like you to think about it, and just how concerned the governments really are about this particular topic and associated groups. Never mind the leaks website or other sites that rub the fur the wrong way. This one you can see yourself and come to your own conclusions. That also is a very good reason why you should subscribe to our RSS feed and other sites that you frequently visit. Apparently blocking RSS feeds is a but more difficult.

One Response to Blocked and controlled

  1. It is very interesting that the same thing happened on September 24 where our traffic fell to half. It seems that censorship and hiding may be 2 different things. We were not censored, but most certainly we were hidden. It also sounds like another worthy topic for a near future entry.