Pope chief apology maker

It would seem that Pope Benedict XVI is of late spending more time making apologies for horny priests than doing his primary job of leading the Catholic church. But as it would be, the Pope holds the power to correct the cause that has lead to the effect of making apologies and draining the Vatican’s bank accounts. The question is will he fix the problem or let his successor spend most of his time making apologies as well.

In the simplest of terms, arrogance is feeding this unholy fire. Trying to enforce celibacy simply does not work. Even the argument that the behavior of the misbehaving priests is new is probably wishful thinking at best. There is no evidence to suggest this has not been going on from the inception of the celibacy rule way back when the world was still flat.

So for the most part all this apology making by the Pope is hollow at best if he does not take the necessary steps to end it. Bringing and end to the celibacy rule is the most significant. Once priests are allowed to tend to their natural human needs in an open way, the need to do it covertly with children will quickly come to an end.

The celibacy rule was probably imposed for a good reason way back then, but now is not then. Combine that with a few other arrogant stances the Catholic church has taken, and you can see for the most part why they are ignored.

In general it is difficult to have respect for the Pope or any person who has within their power to fix a problem and does nothing. It is no different than withholding life saving medicine. It has gotten to such a point that the arrogance of the Catholic church may now be seen as a mortal sin, if you want to throw that book at them as well.  The evidence is just too overwhelming to put it any other way.

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