Imperfect politicians acceptable

There seems to be a new trend that is butting heads with political correctness. It would seem that political candidates that have a few blemishes and had less than perfect behavior in the past, are now being seen as acceptable. As finding dirt on virtually everyone is entirely possible now thanks to modern technology, the reality check of life seems to have set in.

Lets face facts, none of us are perfect, and to expect to find someone who is perfect becomes more of a self inflicted wild goose chase every passing day. We have all indulged in some form of misbehavior at one time or another. In fact to not have done so would quickly label a person abnormal and thrown into the odd and unusual category very quickly.

So with that said it becomes easy for a person looking to get elected citing time and change as a valid defense. It is hard to find a person who has not been drunk at least 1 time in their lives, or has sampled a recreational drug. In fact some want to be politicians are taking a hint from President Obama and being just like the people who will cast their votes. Being less than pure or less than perfect spells simply ‘I understand you.’ The snobbishIm better than you’ attitude has simply become toxic at the polls.

The Tea Party movement seems to be capturing parts of this as many of their candidates have won primaries and are now ready for the November election showdown. That I am like you and not like them seems to be the winning formula. They (inside Washington) are too perfect to understand and have no practical experience in today’s real world, and it shows in how they act.

So this leaves us to wonder where all this may lead to. This may be the beginning of the end of political correctness, and not a moment too soon. The self consuming nature of political correctness seems to be running out of fuel. In nature the nearest example is what a star does before it goes nova. It swells to some enormous unstable size then collapses and explodes.

If that does happen, then the people who are trying to be perfect by being politically correct with everything right on down to a fart, will simply implode mentally and perhaps suffer from any number of mental illnesses from nervous breakdowns to severe depression as they have lost their ability to cope with the real world.

This is certainly worth watching and pointing out by all. By pointing it out it will hasten the end of political correctness and return the politically correct to the reality we are human, and to be human is to be flawed.

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