Politically incorrect politicians electable

Call it voter anger or call it part of the Tea Party movement, but politically incorrect Tea Party candidates are doing remarkably well in the polls. If you were to do a copy and paste of what is going on today and ran the same candidates in 2008, they may have gotten only a fraction of their pole score.

For many people seeing political correctness get a bloody nose is worth a celebration. To see politically incorrect candidates make a good and growing showing in the polls, may call for a bottle of the good stuff to be opened! The most amazing thing about it, political correctness is for politicians, it has only been electively adopted by the general public, and the general public simply is not running for office, they only want to get through the day.

As Connecting the Dots has said in the past, political correctness can not survive in rough times, and the prolonged sour and sluggish economy and job market does qualify as rough times. But for the most part it is still hard to say if the voters desire to reset the government with a fresh crop of politicians is the driving force and political correctness is not being considered, or is the connection that political correctness is a big part of what made things go south with the government.

Point in note, the New York race for Governor pits a political staple Democrat against a politically incorrect Tea Party/Republican challenger. So the Democratic incumbent has already started throwing mud in an attempt to discredit his rival, but the reply seems to be ‘WE DON’T CARE’, and needless to say that very quickly empties the mud gun and centers the contest on self promotion.

So considering this may be the beginning of the end of political correctness, people are clearly motivated. So if ending political correctness is the motivation in some, taking out incumbents may be seen as acceptable casualties. Each voter also weighs that political correctness severely limits politicians from making the hard choices, and how much that contributed to the economic and employment problems is a number only known to voters. That number will be seen in full during the November elections.

The voters also see that of late, votes in congress have been only along party lines. The days of independent thinking of elected officials seems to have ended. The party line vote simply spells we are voting for the party, and not the people.

New politically incorrect politicians wont have that problem and will properly vote for their constituencies desires. For the most part, all that party line voting is what the people are angry at. Every time that happens they seem to be driving another nail into their political coffin. That behavior has been going on for about 10 or 12 years, just about the time the bad decisions that lead to this economic mess started passing congress.

Because of all this, Connecting the Dots most certainly is giving this a popcorn rating. But this particular batch of popcorn may have a bit of vinegar in it, so have some antacid handy as well.

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